Saturday, January 31, 2015

Aizenman, Lemore

Aizenman, Lemore DNF 


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 Her dog is dog aggressive and attacks and has injured foster dogs in 2013 and 2014. She returned one of her foster dogs named Millie claiming Millie was aggressive after a dog fight which we suspect Lemore's dog started as usual, because her dog isn't fixed so she can breed (she breeds pits). Well Millie was just fine with her next foster mate.  For more on Lemore please click the links. Her "friends": Jade Lynn Brister, Hope LaFave, Ana Jimenez, Mary Etzkorn,  Sandra Gannon, Jacinda Martinez, Anita Murphy, (ex friend now: Desiree Marie Golembiewski), Lisa Cowan, Rebel Ernst or something, Christine Evans, Jo Ann Uhler, Lisa Davis, Royce Bordes, Milena Popovich, Ashley Nicole Miller, Melissa Jewell, etc.  All on most people's DNA lists already. Birds of a feather flock together.  
 This is Millie. The dog Lemore was fostering for California Bully Crew until Lemore had another dog fight and once again blamed the foster dog. FYI, Millie went on to another foster home with another dog and was fine with that dog.  

Below is Millie in her new foster home after she left Lemore's. Hasn't shown any signs of being dog aggressive like Lemore claimed.  In fact, she seems very dog friendly. Thankfully she wasn't seriously hurt by Lemore's aggressive dog that frequently attacks dogs she fosters.  Despite Lemore refusing to foster Millie, Toni Reynolds of CBC rescue is still using her as a foster (they are DNR too, please see list under California Bully Crew). We hear she is also a paid foster for another rescue also but we have not been able to confirm.

 This is Lemore.

 This is Lemore's knees after she broke up a dog fight at her house. This was before Millie. Was a fight with the dog she was fostering from Laara Tylor in Canada who despite knowing this she just allowed Lemore to adopt the dog.