Saturday, January 31, 2015

FurFriends Animal Rescue Inc, Garfield Animal Rescue Inc, United Rescue Works Inc by Batten-Smouse, Kasha

Batten-Smouse, Kasha of FurFriends Rescue, United Rescue Works, & Garfield animal rescue & Matthews, Sara Min Pin


Update: Kasha also has a history of being irresponsible with money and filed bankruptcy to the IRS on over 250k!   Why would anyone give money to anyone this fiscally irresponsible?




Some rescuers claim that Kasha collected donations on a dog for a a few days after the dog had been PTS at the vet. 
The dog was GSD dog number A4676590 from Los Angeles County AC.

Other allegations are detailed below:
Sara Min Pin Matthews along with Kasha (see Batten-Smouse, Kasha) solicitied and 
collected funds ($300) to help another rescuer with vet bills and kept the money until 
being called out on it on Facebook and then they quickly paid the bill.  Now they are 
trying to get their donations reversed to get the money back because they are mad they 
were exposed.  They are blaming the person who has the dog and the fact that she has a 
criminal record for conspiracy to commit murder for the murder of her husband, but they 
new that already...they only had a problem with it AFTER they were exposed on Facebook. 
People have asked for proof of when the bill was paid but have yet to receive it. Plus their 
donation was made directly to a vet's office for the dog...the dog still needs help, so not 
sure why are refusing to help that dog now.