Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bridget, Sherman

Sherman, Bridget, CA: pulls dogs for anyone with money. Ex for Lori Jolly for Ashley Nicole Miller of Pitties and Kitties, please see Pitties and Kitties rescue for details.

Bridget is also sending California shelter dogs all the way to Maine. Then in Maine, you would think there would be a rescue there advertising the dogs and a local number to call, but no...instead you still call Bridget Sherman in California. How can she qualify anyone from across the country? Who is helping her? This whole thing seems very odd. If they are truly being rescued, then where is the rescue's name? Why do people wanting to adopt in Maine need to call Bridget in California?  Do the people donating money via pledges/donations know that these dogs are being sent to Maine?  Are the dogs in boarding there?  I could add more ads from her, but I think the 13 below is enough that you can get the point. She is sending large numbers of dogs across country, yet still adopting them out from California.