Saturday, January 31, 2015

Calvin's Paws ran by Carol De'Olloqui

Carol De'Olloqui was arrested Friday night at a residence on Webster Street in Cary and charged with three counts of misdemeanor animal abuse.

"The Wake County Animal Shelter says 60 cats had to be euthanized after they were
seized from the Raleigh home of the former president of an animal rescue group.
On Friday, a total of 93 animals were seized by Wake County Animal Control from the
home of Carol De'Olloqui, who is the most recent president of the animal rescue group
Calvin's Paws.
Wake County Animal Shelter director Jennifer Federico said 30 cats and three dogs were
placed with three rescues. The other 60 cats had to be euthanized because they emaciated.
Many of the cats, Federico said, were sick, some with probably infectious diseases.
Federico said she is surprised by the situation, saying Calvin's Paws was one of the shelter's
partners and has helped rescue hundreds of cats.
Calvin's Paws was known as Marley's Cats Tales until 2012, according to the company website." from