Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jimenez, Ana

remember Chance the dog that she said she sent to adopter then she never sent him anywhere and she has yet to provide any proof of where this dog went..... This is Ben, who said he put up all kinds of money and last statement was he never received Chance. Course he's not angry about all that money being lost...another red flag in my book, no pics on his profile of the other rescue dogs he has that he loves so much! I know not everyone puts up pics of their animals...but well, every person I know that loves their pets, posts all kinds of pics.

Jiminez, Ana : Read this whole thread, it's unbelievable! This pup never was lost, so don't share the photo. It was a false alarm, that wasted lots of people's time. Put Ana Jimenez on the list, if she isn't already!
Plus she was working with Mary Es...
California Bully Crew rescue in CA. See links:

"I guess Ana ripped off $600 in the rescue of a dog. She who says she is out of rescuing and only shares now. Right!"

"I don't understand why people are still even calling her to threads. Sure, give her another dog. That's all I ever see her say on threads - "give him/her to me"."

"holy hell, susan nash origninal thread and guess who the foster was ana jimenez"
rescued 3/29/13 smile emoticon
I am a very friendly 4 yr old female blue pit bull mix. I came to the shelter as a stray on March 11
I share these photos to help get these dogs seen and perhaps find homes. I do not work for the shelter nor do I rescue, pull or do chipins. If you are interested in this dog, please contact the shelter directly to find out its availability. NOTE: Pit breeds are only getting 4-5 days before they’re killed so those are always urgent!!
Save a life - adopt 
Baldwin Park shelter Open for Adoptions 7 days a Week 4275 Elton Street, Baldwin Park, California 91706 Phone 626 430 2378 Hours: Monday - Thursday 12 - 7 Friday - Sunday 10 - 5

"I watched Ana screw someone big time when I very first started looking at these sad dog pics last summer, a dog named Jax had almost $700 in pledges, she convinced a goodhearted local named Judy offering to foster to let her pull and then everyone would work to find rescue, as soon as she pulled she started asking everyone to pay her (we questioned it, believe me lol), Judy begged everyone to hold off until rescue was found, and then the dog had a bad neuter, needed $1100 surgery, the poor lady that only planned to foster got stuck w/every penny of the bill" from source…
Ana still in the middle of all the scams
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Ana J is now assisting dog killing pretend FB rescue Storm Rescue in Lacy WA to get dogs out of CA" from source

See California Bully Crew for more info