Saturday, January 31, 2015

Love to Live Animal Rescue & Georgia Animal Rescue and Defense (GARD) by Joy Bohannon

 Bohannon, Joy of Love to Live Animal Rescue: PA,NJ: DNR/DNA - Sick dogs R driven
to adoption events in Agway in Raritan, NJ. Is banned from many venues in NJ due to
complaints of sick dogs & without a license.

Bohannon, Joy - DNR/DNT/DNA: “of Georgia was found guilty in a Pennsylvania court 
of selling animals in a public place without a license and for failure to have interstate health 
certificates. Bohannon, who is the owner of Pembroke, Georgia- Georgia Animal Rescue 
and Defense (GARD). was charged in Bucks County with multiple dog law violations after 
selling a sick dog at a Richboro pet store. The dog died soon after. She was assessed 
$500 in fines plus court costs. Love to Live's website claims SergeantsVille, NJ as its base, 
but Bohannon also sells dogs at Rosedale Mills in Pennington, NJ and other PA locations, 
and is listed as a Pennsylvania out-of-state dealer under the name GARD. 
She is also listed in the Pet registry” quote