Saturday, January 31, 2015

Maggie's House Rescue by Jennifer Romano

Romano, Jennifer of Maggie's House Rescue

"Animal cruelty, fraud, and lies: 
Jennifer Romano of Maggie’s House Rescue

Animal advocates are upset about allegations that include animal cruelty, fraud, and lies
 regarding Jennifer “Jenny” Romano of Maggie’s House Rescue.

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According to, there was a break in at Jennifer “Jenny” Romano’s 
home on November 6, 2013. At that time, somehow the news was involved and 
ran a story saying, “A Spring woman is heartbroken after someone ransacked her 
home, stole hundreds of dollars, and even attacked her dogs.” In the article, she states 
that the person attacked her dogs with a metal pipe. Jenny Romano later posted on 
her Facebook page that this was not true and that they had in fact stolen over $10,000 
from her and she has a fundraiser trying to replace funds.
Animal advocates do not believe this is the case. In fact, they claim that she lied about 
the break in to cover up a dog fight. They claim she did this at least partly because she 
is trying to save another one of her dog’s named Gus who was sentenced to death for 
mauling a kennel worker where he was being boarded. Romano is currently appealing 
the decision in hopes of getting Gus back. Please click here for the full story on Gus.
These allegations stem largely from Facebook posts posted by Romano herself. For instance, 
her website for her so-called rescue is called Maggie’s House Rescue where she claims
 to rescue and rehabilitate dogs, but Maggie’s House Rescue is not registered as a 501 c 3
 as she claims to be. Not only that, but Maggie’s House Rescue was actually registered as a 
For Profit Business; until this year when it shows that even her business license has been 
While no one is sure about if the break in was staged or not, one thing is clear: there 
are a lot of inconsistencies. For instance, there is what appears to be a visible dog bite 
wound on the dog’s shoulder. Then, the news first reported a couple hundred dollars 
being stolen whereas Romano later claimed it was over $10, 000: a large difference. 
Romano’s website and even her name Maggie’s House Rescue, leads people to believe 
she is a rescue. There is even a screen shot of her saying she is definitely a 501 c 3 when 
she is not. In addition, she is soliciting funds through fundraisers and even has a donate 
button on her website. This leaves many animal advocates to wonder if she is paying taxes 
on all the donations she is collecting and they are reporting this to enforcement agencies.
Most shockingly, advocates are upset over her dogs’ injuries, regardless of how they got 
them, because while Romano had taken her personal dog Princeton to the vet, she still 
had not taken her other severely injured dog, according to Romano’s Facebook posts, 
to a vet. Instead, Romano kept posting saying she would take him tomorrow, but that never 
happened and that is when animal advocates decided that if they wanted to make sure this 
dog saw a vet they were going to have to step in and really do something. Here is a basic 
timeline of how the rest occurred.
Montgomery County Animal Control and the local police were both contacted on Wednesday, 
November 13th, 2013 about this dog being left to suffer all this time without any vetting. The 
police said there was nothing they could do and that animal control needed to go out. Animal 
Control stated they could not go out until tomorrow and they did not yet need the photos or 
screen shots showing the dog has been suffering all this time and that Romano keeps saying
she will take him to the vet tomorrow, she never does.
In a phone conversation with Christopher Dunn at Montgomery County Animal Control 
on the morning of Friday, November, 15, 2013, they stated that they did go out to Romano’s 
house on November 14, 2013 and that she stated she would take the dog to the vet tomorrow; 
with tomorrow being Friday, November 15, 2013. At that time they were advised that Romano 
has repeatedly posted that she would take the dog to the vet and she still hasn’t, as she has 
only taken in her personal dog Princeton, but not her rescue dog Joshua.
November 15, 2013, Christopher Dunn at Montgomery County Animal Control is emailed the 
photos and screen shots showing that Romano has repeatedly stated she was taking Joshua 
to the vet tomorrow but never did, as well as her stating how bad his injuries are and how much 
pain he is in. He is asked to please help get this dog to a vet before making this dog suffer 
through another weekend, but did not reply to the email and no one is answering the phone, 
so no one knows if Joshua got to a vet today or if he is still suffering. The email also contained 
Romano’s veterinarian’s information so that animal control could quickly call to see if Joshua 
had in fact finally been taken to the vet.
Photos: Taken Nov 6th of both dogs injuries,; Joshua, posted 5 days ago, of course talking 
about how she took her personal dog Princeton to the vet and once again saying that she 
will take Joshua tomorrow; Dated November 10th, as you can see she talks about how bad 
off Joshua is...but still has not taken him to the vet; 5pm November 14, Joshua still had not 
been taken to the vet; Notice the dog bite wound to dog’s left shoulder; Screen shot of Romano 
claiming to be a 501 c 3 on her Facebook page; Maggie’s House was actually registered as a 
For Profit Business; Maggie’s House license forfeited; Fundraiser by Romano showing she is 
collecting donations; and there are photos of Romano’s DWI she received and the conditions 
of her probation.
Animal advocates reached out for more assistance and created a petition that will be 
automatically emailed to enforcement agencies each time it is signed. This petition is a plea 
for authorities to investigate and charge appropriately Jennifer Romano of Maggie’s House 
for her fraudulent and cruel actions. In addition, they are hoping to get Romano charged with 
animal cruelty and to try to put an end to her even being able to own an animal. No one, 
especially someone who claims to be a trainer and rescuer, would allow an animal to anguish 
in pain for at least 9 long days and nights without any vet care. That action alone should be a 
chargeable offense. Also, remember as of this evening I was unable to confirm whether or 
not this poor injured dog named Joshua had even received vet care as she told animal 
control she would get done today, so he may still be at home in pain suffering." from