Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pleasant Valley Farm by Albert Colburn

Colburn , Albert of Pleasant Valley Farm: DNR/DNA
Colella, Nicholas –Des Plaines, IL – “He was charged and found guilty of animal cruelty
and humane care. We took 10 dogs and 1 cat from him. He has a court order and is not
allowed to own any animals or pick up strays but he is at it again. He has since adopted a
dog from Chicago Animal Care & Control, a private owner and found at least one I am in
the process of getting a court order for the new animals. He gets all these animals and then
basically starves them. One dog was so emaciated and dehydrated he was close to dying.
Oh yeah, and they were CAKED in urine. His name is Nicholas Colella. He gives an
address of 554 N. Kenilworth in Elmhurst but really lives at 302 N. East River Rd. in
Des Plaines. Just an FYI for all your animal rescue people. Thanks. ACO Gina Manski
Northbrook Police 1401 Landwehr Northbrook, IL. 60062”  from