Saturday, January 31, 2015

Puffie's Transportationand Rescue by Sylvia Espinoza Deleon

Puffie's Transportation and Rescue  ran by Sylvia Espinoza Deleon of Puffie's Transportation and Rescue in Siler City, N.C.  Sylvia is not a real rescue nor is she registered as a transport company. She takes in dogs with pledges along with having fundraisers to solicit donations (guessing she isn't reporting these donations as income to the IRS. We will add the IRS report info shortly.), she pulls dogs from all over. Her transport vehicle is a tiny sports car. While the smaller dogs may be inside, all the larger breeds (mostly pits) are kept outside tethered to crappy dog houses on what looks like maybe a 6 ft leash in her front and backyard. She is also affiliated with many other bad rescues including one that is affiliated with dog fighting.

She is a strong defender of Franklin All Animal Rescue Team (FAART) who is DNR in Texas ran by an admitted ex-dog fighter who is rumored to still be dog fighting as well as participating in illegal gambling.  That rescue is operating under a WA state rescue that is also DNR.  See this link for details on FAART and see if you would defend them  Sylvia not only defended them but has made it her mission to harass people warning others about FAART and those who have reported FAART to authorities.