Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rescue Ink

Rescue Ink in NY 
On March 1st a call for help was put out to the rescue community regarding a dog we now call Pinky, living in deplorable conditions in Far Rockaway, NY.  BSL News’ friend Christine Drakatos immediately went to help the dog and investigate the situation. The ASPCA failed to remove the dog despite the horrendous conditions,but thanks to Christine, the owner reluctantly took her inside after Christine stood outside for two hours, refusing to leave until the dog was inside."Rescue" Ink says the dog is fine, Even the ASPCA said it was no good!The next day the original person who put out the alert on Pinky to the rescue community spoke to someone at “Rescue” Ink. This is what they said to her, and I quote her, “He went on and on about the dog looks fine they took pictures the dog has food”. Really! The dog chained to the stairwell is fine? Even the ASPCA made the owner take the dog off the chain the next day on Saturday when they came again. This is not acceptable that a dog on a chain in a stairwell warrants the end of their investigation and the help they provide to Pinky. But according to “Rescue” Ink the dog is fine, all is well and that was that.Next “Rescue” Ink rolled down the street to a different house where I help Christine care for the dogs there. When the owner told “Rescue” Ink that we were caring for the dogs, Rescue Ink asked the owner not to tell Christine they were there. This in and of itself is shady and not on the up and up. Why did they tell the owner not to let Christine know they were there if they were acting in good faith?