Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rocking Ranch Rescue by Jennifer James

DNA/DNR: Rebecca Garza Heck & DNA/DNF Jennifer James of Rocking Ranch Rescue. You are going to want to read this and then clean up your friend's list and stop donating and using them.

DNF/DNA: Jennifer James of Rocking Ranch Rescue (I believe that's the name):

Jennifer keeps the dogs outside in horrible conditions. When someone went to get a dog named Tiny from her before the dog was in such bad shape they cried. Now, Jennifer was keeping Myles, the severely abused, emaciated dog outside all the time also. Probably on a short chain like the other dog was. Myles has a severe sunburn and is still emaciated.

1st she was pledge collecting for Myles with a rescue named DAWG that has been in trouble with ac before. Rebecca lied and defended them despite seeing proof, saying everyone has had too many animals at some point.

2nd, she attacked a legit rescuer, simply because she questioned the legitimacy of her fundraiser.

3rd, Rebecca comes back apologizing and saying we were right about that rescue and that they scammed her out of all of Myles pledges which were a lot.

4th, SO Rebecca starts pledge collecting for Myles on her own & raises a bunch of money.

5th, Rebecca is made fully aware that she needs to become a 501 to continue doing what she is doing and she says she will but doesn't. She is fully aware she is violating tax laws.

6th, Rebecca acted as if Myles were with her but Myles was not. In fact, Myles wasn't even with a foster. Myles so called foster was Jennifer James who was being paid $700 a month to board Myles plus food. This is who Rebecca irresponsibly entrusted this dog too and then lied repeatedly about that and other details.

7th, Rebecca has not produced vet bills showing what all she has had done to justify keeping all that money she has raised.

8th, Another lie, Myles does not have cancer or an auto-immune disease and Rebecca would have known that had she paid for the tests to be done at the vet but she declined the tests the vet suggested.

9th, she's lying about the treatment he received she denied him many tests that would have confirmed he did not have cancer or auto immune.

10th, Myles was being kept outdoors so he now has a severe sunburn. He is also still very emaciated. He has already gained 13 lbs in 7 days so if he had been being fed properly, he would have gained much more weight by now.

Rebecca & Dawg fundraiser that raised $2519:

Rebecca's Fundraiser that has raised $3729 out of a $5400 goal.

Rebecca Garza Hecks's page for Myles (while Myles was being further neglected in California while she is in Michigan trying to play rescue)