Saturday, January 31, 2015

Save A Pup and Kitten Rescue by Bobbi Jo

Bobbie Jo – Mount Holly, NJ - “In all my years of rescue, I have never put a DNA on anyone.
I have personally witnessed the actions of this person named Bobbi Jo. She calls herself a rescue,
and I don't know how she sleeps at night. Please do not adopt to a lady named Bobbi Jo from
Save a pup and kitten rescue. recently dumped two small puppies
(that she rescued), at the Burlington County Animal Shelter. One died of Parvo. She did not
get medical attention for them. She also rescued a black lab mix from the Delaware SPCA,
and dumped her at the Burlington Shelter, also. Her name was Pinky. She is now banned from
both shelters. What kind of rescue person dumps puppies at the local Kill Shelter????? *Here is her infomation:* *Save A Pup and Kitten Rescue* Mount Holly, NJ 08060” from