Saturday, January 31, 2015

SEn Rescue Sanctuary by Sally Elkus Newberry

SEn Rescue Sanctuary ran by Sally Elkus Newberry in Washington state - 

Petition regarding her "Sally Elkus Newberry aka SEn Rescue Sanctuary has illegally gained possession and transported numerous aggressive dangerous dogs to her property located at 97 Stamper Road Elma Washington. Many of these animals have come from the LA County California shelter system. These are Rescue Only Waiver dogs that have failed a temp test and been deemed unadoptable by Animal Control and not safe for placement. Under normal circumstances, these dogs would be immediately euthanized if not for the Hayden's Law specific to California. This Law requires the animals be given a second chance if an Approved Rescue Partners wants them and is willing take responsibility for them. With that comes strict requirements. These restrictions are documented on a Waiver created specifically for each animal. ONLY a 5013c Approved LA County Adoption Partner is authorized to sign the Waiver and remove the animal from the shelter. Sally Elkus Newberry aka SEn Rescue Sanctuary is none of the for-mentioned. The only way she has gained possession of these animals is by skirting the system and  ill gotten means. Another restriction on the Waiver is they are NOT to be with other animals or around children. Sally Elkus Newberry markets and solicits this property to the Elma Community to be a Non-Profit Animal Sanctuary. She recently started marketing to children enticing them to come to this dangerous environment to be around animals that are strictly forbidden to be around children. 
On the SEn Rescue Sanctuary Facebook Page Sally Elkus Newberry recently posted a cry for help from the community because there was an attack at her property. This was caused by her own reckless and negligent behavior of having these animals there. It is only a matter of time until another tragedy happens. 
NONE of these animals are in compliance with Washington State Statutes. They are not licensed, registered, bonded or insured. The Community is not even aware of the imminent danger at this property because the laws are not being enforced and nobody knows these animals are there. The health and safety of this community is at risk because the law is not being enforced at this property.
Sally Elkus Newberry aka SEn Rescue Sanctuary is currently under investigation by the Attorney General's Office in Washington for misrepresenting herself as a non-profit and collecting monies. That is the purpose of these dogs. The more tragic the life of the dog the more monies she is able to collect via the multiple U-Caring pages she creates for each one of these animals. This property is solely supported by monies collected off these animals.
The Undersheriff David Pimentel and Nichole Pollard were made aware of these conditions several months ago and chose to do NOTHING. Documentation supporting and confirming the history of atleast two of these animals was forwarded to them and they chose not to respond.
We are DEMANDING Gray's Harbor Sheriff's Department enforce their own Laws and take immediate possession of these animals and hold Sally Elkus Newberry accountable for her reckless behavior and willfull violations of the Law. Under NO circumstances do we want any these animals euthenized or held responsible for the actions of Sally Elkus Newberry. If applicable please return them to their registered owner or place them in a SAFE environment that is in compliance with their Waiver. Give them the second chance they deserve and were Promised when they left the shelter. " 
Petition update: "Jul 28, 2014 — First and foremost I would like to Thank You all so very much for signing this Petition. I was contacted today by some of the signer's of this petition and told that they have been being contacted by Sally Elkus Newberry and became alarmed by her strange / odd behavior towards them. Some have said they have been harassed. I apollogize that was not my intention with this petition. This is not some game or personal vendetta by me against her. This is genuine concern for the safety of these animals and this community. Her actions make me even more concerned as to what is taking place at this property. The reason I chose to do this petition at the time I did was because there had just been an attack by one of these dogs on another animal at her property. It was Sally's own posting and her own words that alarmed me to the point that I felt everyone and everything was in iminent danger and the authorities needed to step in. This petition does not allow me to post additional photos but please feel free to go to my timeline and see my posts regarding this attack. If you would like you can also PM me and I can send the information to you as well. Again, Thank You all so much for supporting these animals and helping ensure their safety." both from