Saturday, January 31, 2015

STARS rescue, Dogs Live Happy, Save the Animals Rescue Scoiety by Franziska "Sissy" Haskell

Haskell, Sissy aka Franziska Haskell, Sissy Wiener of STARS rescue in Georgia and Dogs Live Happy boarding facility -

Busted for stealing one of the two dogs that were stolen from a backyard. She then sent the dog to Gloria Coangelo of South Carolina Great Dane Rescue who refused to return the dog even after being contacted by the owner who had her dog's dna stored.  People close to this case are sstill hoping that Gloria Coangelo will also be charged for her part in this dog flipping scam/pet theft.

Also "Name of Organization, Save The Animals Rescue Society. In Care of Name, Franziska Haskell. Address, 1679 Akins Anderson Road S, Register, GA 30452."

Update: Rescue is STARS owned by Sissy Haskel, who has since changed her name to Sissy Wiener. Also is owner of Dogs Live Happy boarding facility. She has been arrested, & out on bond.

Previous article on this case:

"DNR Sissy Haskell of Stars Georgia rescue and Dogs Live Happy Boarding in Georgia. Haskell was just arrested for stealing a Great Dane named Si from a backyard. This dog was basically flipped. Gloria Colangelo of South Carolina Great Dane rescue adopted Si out and refused to return Si to the owner once the owner found him. More info to come as court proceedings take place.

"His name is SI! I am writing to you to seek help in getting my fur-baby returned to his real home. We live in Statesboro/Register, GA. On/round the 18th of April Si (our beautiful fawn Great Dane) was let out to potty and disappeared. It is difficult to understand how a dog around 140 pounds or so can just disappear but that is what happened. We immediately started a massive hunt for him locally, on foot, by car and on multiple FACEBOOK sites, notified all local shelters and vets, etc....WE have never given up on finding our very sweet and loved boy. Well, around the 24th of April my daughter spotted Si in a local rescuers yard, she called to him and the local rescuer IMMEDIATELY rushed him inside and after 7 minutes came outside with a completely different dog, screaming at my daughter that this was not her dog....she REFUSED to allow anyone access to her building so that we could positively identify our dog from the others that she had.....OH, forgot to mention, our boy had cropped ears, the one seen had cropped ears, BUT, the one she brought to the car had un-cropped ears.....we did notify the police, a report has been filed. So we have now been looking for nearly six months and daughter was visiting Charleston SC and was looking at local Dane Rescue sites and what do you know? Our BOY was on the Charleston, SC Area Great Dane Rescue site on April 26th....2 days after being seen at the local Dane rescue......Here is what the SC rescuer said about him "This is our newest arrival. As yet unnamed and un-neutered, gorgeous, cropped 1 yr old fawn. Already 36" at the shoulder! Underweight. Sweet, gentle (though still a puppy), with a true Dane personality." On her personal page, Gloria Colangelo has SI's picture as her icon...strange....but in a personal page comment someone remarked about him being a beautiful dane on May 4th, here was her reply,"yeah, he is... and as sweet as can be to boot!!". In her posts she indicates that they named him Stetson. HIS NAME IS SI!!"