Saturday, January 31, 2015

Strickland, Karen aka Karen Symons, Karen Symons-Strickland, etc

Strickland, Karen aka Karen Symons, Karen Symons-Strickland, & a bunch of others per link below
Karen Symons-Strickland
“Warning: Bad Transporter (reported by sources) There is a woman, using the names of Karen Strickland, Karen Symons, and Or Karen Symons-Strickland that is doing transport for animals. Her facebook page has her set up as as the owner of rescue and transport company. SHE IS A SCAM! SHE IS ABUSIVE AND NEGLECTFUL TOWARD THE ANIMALS!
 She has willingly admitted that she drugs animals she transports as to not have to deal with them needing to relieve themselves and she also provides no food or water to them for the same reasons.
 The crates she uses are too small, to prevent the animal from being able to sit/stand up in order, again, to prevent the chance of a mess being less likely. She has been seen hitting them b/c they were wining, puppies’, and dogs alike, being smacked in the face and told to shut up! One crated dog was stuck in the crate from Tues-Thursday while she was on the road for transport, upon arrival his adopter was mortified to see him covered in his own urine and what littel fecal matter he was able to relive himself of in spite of the drugs she had given him! She has agreed to transport dogs that people to this day still have no idea where their dogs or their money went to!
 One shelter put them on their DNA/F/T LIST after she harrassed an adopter in a wheel chair saying that she wasnt going to give them their dog b/c they obviously could not care for it!!!  Another Shelter placed her on their list when two of the puppies she was transporting for them did not make it to them. When asked where they were she replied she had adopted them out along the way????!!!!!!!!!
 My experience (This past weekend) with her ended fortunately enough with the dog being returned safely and seemingly unharmed, but there was a span of about 12 hours where nobody could reach her and we didn’t know where the dog was at! (He is a Pit bull) Thankfully he was returned to the kennels and is waiting for reliable and safe transport. I don’t know how she has been able to continue this for so long but she has got to be stopped!!!!! These animals depend on us!!!! This makes me ill, to think of those poor animals, and what most have already been through, to be entrusted to someone that will treat them so horribly!!! :(
Karen Symons-Strickland