Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sullivan, Kelly aka Kelly Love, Kelly Desmond, Dakota Skye, DueGooder, Kelly Sullivan Robertson, Kellye Sullivan-Robertson, etc

Kelly was a pledge collector for many people. More recently, she was fostering for Angel's Among Us Pet Rescue in GA and because a Pomeranian she was fostering was not housebroken she decided she did not want to foster after all, this lead Lance with the rescue, to tell her if she did not foster to pts the dog. They killed that little Pom.

She makes money off the pledges she collects. Was 7% when she was doing it for EJ's Rescue.
Criminal history of drugs, etc

Kelly Love aka Kelly Desmond, Kelly Sullivan, Dakota Skye, DueGooder, etc collecting pledges for AAU

Kelly also a long criminal history for drugs:

KJD_arrest 1/12/2010
KJD_arrest 6/4/1998
KJD_arrest 6/13/1998
KJD_arrest 4/22/1999
KJD_arrest 12/25/2007
KJD_arrest 12/16/2008
KJD_arrest 11/30/2000
KJD_arrest 12/20/2011
KJD_arrest 1/4/2011

New evidence will be added soon