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Thors, Monica

Thors, Monica

"Monica Thors and her 50 cats 

December 3, 2014 - Update

Considerable credit goes to the STOP Monica Thors page for exposing Monica Thors’ horrific abuse and cruelty in the deaths of 3 horses in the last year, and without whose constant social media coverage concluded with the removal yesterday of 7 horses and one goat by the NJ SPCA. At least one more horse had to be euthanized due to his maiming at the hands of Thors. We’re all just so sorry it was too late to save the other horses who died earlier in the year. 

The case is not over. Charges of animal cruelty were filed by the NJ SPCA against Monica Thors and a court date is to be determined. 

Because of the long-term horrific abuse and torture she perpetrated on her horses, we can safely assume they aren’t or weren’t her only victims!

When we initially learned about the cats, after reading one comment that Thors “cuts off their whiskers”, we scoured the photos on her personal Facebook page and website and were shocked and appalled by what we saw. We don’t think anyone realized she had 50+ cats or that she might be inflicting physical and psychological warfare on them: cutting their whiskers; cutting their eyebrow whiskers; completely removing their inner ear hairs; cutting the fur in-between their toes; removing the fur from in and around their sensitive pads; cleaning their ears twice a week; and bathing them every day. 

Since Thors was obsessed with files and Dremel tools, many suspect she might be inflicting the same pain and suffering on her cats, possibly maiming them in the process. 

The cats are not allowed to just be cats. Their natural feline behavior has been severely restricted or controlled. They appear in the photos to be shell-shocked, traumatized and completely broken. Our collective hearts break. 

Our main concern is that Thors’ OCD or mental illness will kick in big time now that her horses and goat were removed and she will now shift her focus to the 50 cats, instead of splitting it between the horses and the cats.

Thors admits she moved to Mullica Hill from Columbus, NJ on August 14, 2011 “where they dont have animal limit laws.” 

Below is a link to more than 100 photos of Thors’ cats, taken directly from her website and personal Facebook pages. Some of the photos have dates and captions which are in Thors’ own words. The only exception is the disturbing photo of the gray cat with his frontal lobes wrapped in gauze, where WE ask if his eyebrow whiskers were yanked out. 

The photos are creepy, disturbing and in some cases, downright horrific. By her own admission, she “cleans the cats’ ears every Tuesday and Thursday.” Cats’ ears DO NOT require regular cleaning unless they are infected and under a veterinarian’s direction. 

She states she “works with 50 cats everyday” --- what is she “working”? And “we have jackets on every day and a turtle neck as we work with 50 cats every day , for safety , as if they bite or claw you, you are safe under jacket , and when we trim nails, and hair under their feet , some of the cats don't like it …”

And more: “my cats love to live inside only.....the house never smells , and it is easy to keep the house smelling clean at all times, but I do have three full time people working in my house, I am starting a non profit organisation as I also help harness racing farms with trap neuter and return programs to make sure the cat population on harness racing farms is being taken care of . We also brush the cats every day and get colors on them in morning, take them off, count every cat in pm, clean ears on Mondays and Thursdays , like a harness racing stable operation . of course, it was different when I had 14 , only me most of the time. “ (Note: she means collars, not colors) 

What Is Being Done, How You Can Help

The NJ SPCA is aware of our concerns and is planning to investigate. Since the cats live in Thors’ home, the SPCA cannot just gain access without her permission and they need a complaint on file to get that far. If we had or have an eyewitness, that would give them probable cause. 

Can you help? Were you aware of what she does to the cats? Have you seen it firsthand? If so, can you contact the NJ SPCA (Larry Donato) to file a complaint so he can open a case file on her and the cats? Please call if you can file a complaint: 1-800-582-5979. Please do not call the hotline only to complain or ask for updates. That’s been done and it only ties up the lines." shared from NJ page post

In addition, we have filed a formal complaint against Thors with the NJ Attorney General’s office and NJ Charities Bureau for fraud for allegedly using her federally approved nonprofit status for personal gain. By her own admission, she does NOT adopt out any cats, not does she advertise them on PetFinder or Adopt-a-Pet or any online site. They are her personal cats, and are not true rescues. 

Thank you all for caring, your help and for sharing this post to get the word out about the cats. We will stay on this for as long as it takes and post updates as we get them