Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tortu-Bowles, Kathleen of CSE Plus

Update Oct 2015: Kathleen is going by Kathy Bowles at the moment. She is working with a shady rescue up in Washington. Another missing dog too. Click link or more details.

Tortu-Bowles, Kathleen -run CSE Plus " This is Lee. Lee is dead:( Please take a moment to read his story. This PERSON & her help, MUST BE STOPPED. We know she did not personally pull the trigger, but the law recognizes accessory. She is the 1 who is scraping up all YOUR money, "for the dog's", yet they go astray, minimally vetted, die, get "sold/lipped" to God knows who - she meets them online and ends up putting the vetting responsibilty, transport, any high costs of the person(s) who say: "I'll take the dog!" YOU PLEDGE TO HELP THE DOGS, WHICH INC'S TRANSPORT, ANYTHING THEY NEED. BUT here is is STILL collecting YOUR money, while the dogs go without. They end up dead, online in Yardsale's & so on. This con game MUST STOP. Please share Lee's story, so that his death and his horror story will not of been in vein. We thank you~
This is LEE who was rescued from DEVORE only to be later shot and killed. Kathleen Tortu- Bowles arranged this DEADLY transport with PLedge monies Collected. Close to
1800.00 was collected to transport Lee and Keep him safe.
He was shot and killed while being muzzled by a farmer. There were many people on a private message who were spectators seeing the dogs drugged and muzzled, The driver Tavis Wayne Shireman, Traci Totino, Pat Disrud, Pat Coffey, Rita Martorano and Tina Raborn.
Christy Shows was also on there she came to me almost a month after Lee had been shot and killed and told me the awful story that everyone else was hiding" from .

2015 - more lost dogs

Here we go again. Kathleen tortu bowles and more lost dogs
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Another "rescue" faux pas brought to you by KTB & Company.
You may recall my post from May regarding the same 2 dogs --- schlepped from OK to a Foster in LA. That lasted only 3 short weeks - last update was the Foster had been escorted off the premises, leaving Buddy & Bailey behind (will post that thread in comments on this post).
Buddy & Bailey have now gone missing and all of a sudden the "Foster" wasn't a "Foster"??? I still don't know how they ended up with the LA Rescue; they're both listed on TT dba A3M3 aka CSE Plus adopt-a-pet website (allegedly pulled under her 501c3 without her knowledge). The sh*t's getting deep...SMDH