Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wags 2 Roses Rescue by Rose, Jennifer aka Stella Rose

Rose, Jennifer
She was mostly getting dogs from East Valley and SBC in CA before. 

BEWARE - FRAUD RESCUER! Dogs are dying! 
JENNIFER ROSE, aka STELLA ROSE, aka WAGS 2 ROSES RESCUE ... and probably many more.
A dog name DIAMOND ("rescued" 5/2013):
A dog named MOCHA ("rescued" 5/31/13):
Warning posted 7/12/2013:…/…/10201107788849363…
Posted 7/12/2013 by The Good, the Bad, the Unforgivable of Animal Rescue :
Jennifer Rose Facebook page:
One of the endless "rescues" by this fraud/dog killer:

DNR/DNA ALERT: Dog dumper alert:
Re-post from the wall of Staci Wilkes of BLANKETS OF LOVE:
"Beware of JENNIFER ROSE aka STELLA ROSE!!!!! She is a fraud!!!!! Please pass the word around, as she is back at pulling dogs from shelters & we have NO idea where they go . I had an incident 2 years ago personally with this bitch who claimed she was part of Stella's Hope rescue. She "rescued" a Pitbull named Mocha, then dumped her at a boardin facility & told them I would be coverin the bill. She disappeared for awhile and now she is back!!! We MUST protect the animals & blast
her name so people are aware that she is a big fat fraud!!!!!! DO NOT donate to her or anything she is affiliated with!!!!!"

Jennifer Rose aka Stella Rose aka Jen Rose

            Her real name is Martha Jennifer Rose    

Please be aware that Jennifer Rose, formally known as Stella Rose, in Southern California- She is getting many dogs and asking for donations then dumps them. Some dogs are abandoned in boarding, some are turned into a different animal control and some are never seen again.  

She claims to rehabilitate the dogs and give them away for free as "companion animals" to military, firemen and police who suffer from PTSD.  

Wags2Roses is the name of the rescue she claims to have, but there is no proof this organization even exists.  
In August 2011, Jen Rose was going by the name Stella Rose.  As Stella, she was pulling many dogs and asking for donations.  When asked for updates, Jen would never respond.  

Here are links to some of the dogs she's gotten her greedy little hands on -(right click on highlighted name to open in different window, otherwise it takes you away from this page) 

DIAMOND - Abandoned in boarding and now DEAD
KIP ?boarding?
BANE  ?boarding?
KATTY  ?boarding?
WAGS  ?boarding?
MOCHA - Rescued from Jen Rose

Listing of dogs she's pulled recently (with the exception of Mocha in 2011)

Jen Rose continues to pull dogs but NEVER updates or lists dogs for adoption.  Just sticks them in boarding and forgets about them after she's collected money for them.  
There was a blk/wht dog named Diamond that died.  Three dogs named Diamond...TWO ARE DEAD

She had one of her own dogs killed, Ruby.  

Jager, a Beagle mix, (her daughters dog) supposedly went missing last month.  They posted he was missing 6/24 by a school that was 38 miles from their home.  The same day she posted he was lost, she claims she found him in a dumpster.  She claims he was attacked at night by another animal on the railroad tracks and someone threw him in the dumpster.  So this dog goes missing and the same day she posted he was missing, she mysteriously finds him, claims he was attacked by another animal the night before?  Why did it take her so long to post he was missing and why did she even leave the area instead of searching for him... especially if it was so far away from her home.  How did she know he was attacked on RR tracks?  How did she know which dumpster to even look in?   I call bullshit.  It's my opinion, he was killed in her home by one of her rescue dogs and this story was made up to cover her ass.

These dogs went missing in 2011.  She had a fundraiser for these dogs for $14,000.