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Angels N Paws Rescue by Royce Bordes

Angels N Paws Rescue by Royce Bordes

"Don't forget microchipping for all pets. Guess Royce found that out the hard way when a dog she pulled ended up in GA shelter with scars all over, a pit bull. Wonder what really happened to that dog. 

Plus the County has had a national award winning spay/neuter program since 01, and it has been copied by others. Does that sound like a bad thing to you? These activists can't see the good in Devore, just like they can't see the evil in that false prophet they follow, "No Kill"." from Friends AdministratorJune 30, 2012 at 1:43 PM

"I heard that Royce has some lady in England that is helping her fund that "sanctuary". And that a lot of rescues have stopped using her because she has all kinds of crazy rules. For instance a rescue has to use her transport service or their dogs can't stay at her sanctuary." meaning Laura Jones.
"Funny, I just saw this blog, a friend of mine that works in the animal industry call me to tell me about an incident today involving that same lady Royce Borders. She said,. Royce was picking up some animals for transport when the Humane Society showed up. Royce supposedly said, I do not want the Humane Society looking in my Van and took off. She even left some animals at the Vets that she was going to pick up. Why??????? Why is she so afraid of them ??? Isn’t she suppose to treat the animals humanly ??? What is she trying to hide???? Did she have too many in the Van???? Are we allowing these people to get away with murder ???" from 

"Are there negative stars for this rescue because Angels N' Paws Rescue deserves them. Royce Bordes, and her shelter, whom I have not heard of until today should not be in this business. Let me explain. We are an emergency foster who took in a mom and nine puppies when they were transferred from an animal shelter and slated to be killed on 1/19/2011. They were transferred here to a wonderful local shelter whom we've been dealing with. After numerous escalating behaviors from the mother dog, we had her evaluated by two independent rehab centers for dogs, a friend of ours who is not only in the animal rehab business but is also a vet and the local humane society. Unfortunately, the mom failed every single aggressive behavior test. We kept her in our home despite ongoing destructive issues and aggression towards our own pets in the hopes that time would heal all. We were, unfortunately, wrong and once her puppies were weaned, decided with our experts and our wonderful rescue that there was no other recourse for the momma dog but to put her down, a horrible, heart-rending experience as our hope had always been to adopt her and rehabilitate her. However, this was not to be and we focused our energies on taking excellent care of her puppies. This morning, I received an email from Angels N Paws accusing me of murdering the mom dog. It escalated into a series of harassing emails from an obviously volatile, person who has no basis in reality or understanding. It seems Angels N Paws was the pass through shelter. They didn't want to have to take care of the mother dog and her eight puppies so they transferred her to another rescue (which was how we got her) and are now harassing and screaming at US because they don't agree with what we did. Angels N Paws has threatened us, sent us numerous letters and harassed us. We are contacting the local authorities and reporting this shelter. We went back and forth with this trying to decide if we should report them on Yelp and to the proper authorities; however, we realized that no one that unstable should have dogs much less dogs in need." from

Recently people claimed that Royce has transported dogs from California to Washington state in a U-Haul truck, but so far no proof has been produced.

Also see, Cause for Paws and Paws and Claws for more information, as they claim to be working together now.

Laura Willis Jones from the UK now living in California is now part of this rescue and is part of All Animal Rescue which just abandoned a dog.  In addition, Laura has been working with lots of rescues to rescue dogs and many have later been exposed for being bad by her, despite the fact that she is the common denominator and she was helping these bad people get dogs. 

Laura Jones All Animals rescue. 

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Lisa was abandoned by her rescue here with us. They fail on her but not us!!! She got adopted this weekend after a long wait!!