Friday, February 6, 2015

Country Side Rescue and Rehabilitation (CSRR), Country Side Rescue, by Ashley Pompell

Who is She and What is She Doing?

UPDATE: Please read this letter of warning from CCDAL regarding Ashley's fraudulent activities.
Miss Ashley Pompell collects money by endangering animals through a scam she calls Country Side Rescue and Rehabilitation (CSRR), formerly known as Country Side Rescue. Note: Miss Pompell disabled the CSRR website ( shortly after we began investigating, so the links herein are to screenshots of the site as it existed on December 15, 2011.
CSRR and Miss Pompell's various other web-based scams are linked to Woodville, Amisville, Front Royal, Rappahannock, Bristow, Chester Gap, and Sperryville, Virginia, as well as Johnsonville and Cameron, North Carolina. She uses the following (publicly available) contact information in connection with her scams:
(571) 285-7371
The following report will prove that Ashley Pompell:
  1. Advertises her scams all over the internet
  2. Posts fake reviews and false testimonials
  3. Uses stolen photos and fictional human characters
  4. Writes wildly fabricated lies to support her victimization of the public
  5. Impersonated a Virginia official by falsely quoting him
  6. Claims affiliation to legitimate organizations and businesses
  7. Takes free animals from CraigsList to sell for a so-called "adoption fee" and abandons those she cannot sell
  8. Fails to provide basic medical treatment to the animals while they are in her care

from  Please see this same link for full details