Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy Hounds Transport by Carmen Hope Freeman

Please share!!! This woman also uses aliases of: Hope Bullard Freeman, Carmen Freeman, Carmen Hope Bullard, Carmen Hope Freeman, Carmen Bullard, Hope F Bullard

Happy Hounds Transport botches transport abandoning pups on the side of the road (2014) from

Happy Hounds Transport dumps dogs on the side of the road in PA and one dies.

WARNING SADNESS ALERT! OMG one of those babies dumped on the side of the road by a animal transporter died. RIP Heather. DO NOT USE Carmen Hope Freeman of Happy Hounds Transport, out of Freeman North Carolina. She is the one responsible for this babies death. ~Kym aka da Mom
RIP to our Heather, one of the dogs left on the side of the road by Carmen Hope Freeman of Happy Hounds Transport. Heather had severe mange as you can see from her shelter picture. She had been at the vet for the last 8 days receiving treatment and was on the road to recovery. If transport had acted responsibly and taken our dogs to the ER vet as we requested the minute they told us they were acting sick, Heather might have survived. Instead, was left on the side of the road to die. Our volunteer rushed her to the ER vet but it was too late. Heather succumbed to an unknown "illness". She was unconscious and bleeding from her nose and mouth by the time we got her medical help. Our dogs were vaccinated, quarantined, tested for parvo and were perfectly fine other than their mange when they got on transport at 2am. We are devastated at the loss of Heather and our other 4 dogs are at the vet receiving treatment. I am on my way to Pennsylvania to pick them up and our vet bill for this disaster is currently at $1600 for 4 hours. We know we just asked for donations earlier today for Buddy, but this was an emergency we were not expecting. Any help is appreciated. PayPal