Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pawshere Foundation Inc by Kenneth D. Wilson

The president of the Pawshere Foundation Inc. has been charged with 12 counts of cruelty to an animal by neglect after more than three dozen dogs were found dead or dying at the site of the Lowell-area rescue.
Lake County Detective Michelle Dvorscak said Kenneth D. Wilson was charged this month at the conclusion of an investigation that included serving two search warrants at the property at 22916 Harrison St. in unincorporated south Lake County.

"During their searches, 28 dead dogs and 10 live animals that were living in filth were removed from the property," Dvorscak said.
During the first search on Dec. 16 the 10 living dogs were discovered emaciated and covered in their own filth in cages and kennels on the rural property. Two dogs were found dead inside a plastic garbage bag. A shallow grave was discovered behind a building on the property containing the remains of numerous dogs.
One of the living dogs removed from the site that day later died due to its poor condition, she said.
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