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Shelter Dogs to Dream Dogs by Catherine "Cate" Sacks

8/25/2014Problems with Product/Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint: We selected "Shelter Dogs to Dream Dogs" in early May to help us with a shelter dog we rescued. *****, 15 pound, 8 month old puppy. He was very traumatized by the shelter and a fear biter. They had selected him for their adoption event, but when he nipped/bit the vet he was quarantined for 10 days. We rescued him & decided to do "whatever it takes" to give him a happily ever after. Ms *****, the owner advertises she is a 501c on her website and would be able to make our puppy into a "dream" dog. She told us she would help find him a home at the end of training. So we paid her $ 4300 for approx 5 weeks of dog training. For 5 weeks,we received wonderful updates about his progress,on Facebook with 5 movies, emails & phone calls. We are a 501c3 and our donor money ran out. She kindly offered to continue to work with him at no charge, she promised to neuter him by early August and send us the certificate. So based on everything we saw and heard, we prepared a "rescue to rescue " transfer on June 15, 2014. On June 20th we received a TEXT message that she had decided to euthanize our puppy without so much as a phone call to us. She says he hurt his paw/leg, "crashing into a wall". She said she "left him under a tree for a DAY, gave him a "happy pill" took him to vet to be euthanized. However she reported to the shelter that we rescued him from she euthanized him for "behavior issues". Upon further research, we can't find her located on ANY IRS website as a charity, she is not listed in the State of California charity registry. She advertises on her website she is a charity. We would NEVER GIVEN our puppy to her if we knew she was misrepresenting herself as a rescue. She tricked us and took our money and killed our puppy. Since that time, she has REFUSED to provide a copy of our contract, receipts for our payment/donations. We don't even know what happen to our puppies body. If ***** was impossible to help as she why did it take 5 weeks + $4300 to figure that out? We think we were scammed.
Desired Settlement: We will never be able to get over having our puppy killed by someone we totally trusted who represented herself as a 501c charity rescue& professional dog trainer. We have asked on 3 occasions since June 20th for the following (including via certified letter which she signed for and chose to ignore) We want: A full refund of our $4300. A copy of our contract. A copy of her IRS 501c3 determination letter that states "Shelter Dogs To Dream Dogs" is a non profit charity. Vet Record of Euthanasia
Business Response:
In response to the complaint from ********* ****** I would like to furnish a quick rebuttal and offer the screenshot of the conversation between us and them. 

We are a 501c3 - We operate Shelter Dogs to Dream Dogs(SDTDD) under a DBA as most companies do - SCM&K enterprises inc is the corporate name.
- This has been a horrible transaction and a ton of work was put into this animal to save it! - It was heartbreaking so put the dog down! 
- SDTDD has saved 2500 animals never having to put down an animal except this one
- The communication and flow of information was severed as soon as ********* began a smear campaign of epic proportions upon SDTDD and the safety of my family.
Please read the conversation back and forth between us and them just recently.  You judge for yourself.  BTW.. This video and the campaign brought upon us has threatened our safety and our lives... We have received a lot of threats that have changed our personal habits and caused us to fear for our personal safety.
Consumer Response: Better Business Bureau:

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ********, and have determined that their complete lack of action on their part would not resolve my complaint in any way shape or form.   

As you can see, once again our concerns and requests have not been addressed at all.  Again, we would like a refund in full of $4300,  a copy of our contract, a copy of our receipts,  a copy of the vet records for our dog and our dead dogs crate.  

Screen shots of various YouTube conversations DO NOT begin to address the above issues having do with providing basic customer service to us after we paid this company $ 4300 - an enormous amount of money for dog training.  They have refused to provide copies of a contract, receipts, vet records, and our crate.   I personally selected this company, visited them before leaving *****, our rescue dog and I actually wrote out the initial check for $ 1000 and personally handed it to the owner.  I created the rescue to rescue transfer.  This transaction has been indeed "horrible" as he says but not because of us.  

Of interest might be the very last conversation that was posted several days ago by Mr. ***** himself on this  YouTube transcript... when he says  " stop making the industry look bad and go away" because that is how they have handled this thus far.  What they did to us is morally reprehensible, and they are trying shift the blame to us and tell us to go away, frankly it is beyond unbelievable.  They have shown absolutely no concern or remorse for failing to provide the services they promised and then killing their student.

To recap: we paid $ 4300 to have our dog trained and rehabilitated, instead we find out by text message they had our 8 month old, 15 pound terrier killed without so much as a phone call to ANYONE in our organization. 

We did a rescue to rescue transfer when our money ran out-- because they told us the would continue to work with him...up until that he was making wonderful progress according to all the Facebook posts and texts to the foster mom.    Then suddenly, just 2 days after the money ran out later he was dead.   

We thought we were dealing with like minded rescue people. Their story that he "smashed himself into a wall coming out of his crate"...."we left him sitting under a tree for a whole day, waiting for him to get better, when he didn't ...we gave him a "happy" pill and had him euthanized " is beyond comprehension.  These are heartless people who run this place and who have no business working with dogs.  We don't know what to believe, because they told the shelter where we rescued him from that he was put down for "behavior issues". The very thing we hired them to help us with.         (I have the above quoted statements in writing directly from them)

I will continue to share our story of what happened to us, as this place has done nothing to try and make this right for us.  Instead they are trying to shift the blame to us and tell us to go away.  

The facts are undeniable:  We paid $ 4300 and they killed our dog.  We have no receipts, no contract, no crate, no dog and no $.   If they couldn't rehab a tiny little 15 terrier, they should have contacted our office and asked us to take him back, that never happened.   

********* ****** 

Business Response:
We received an automated response from the BBB letting us know we had not responded to the "complaint".  I need to confirm you received this email and see we are at least talking to the "consumer".  I would imagine this is a tough one for you to decipher but in short, for us it has been a living hell.  We have have had threats brought to us from just about everywhere on the globe and if you go to the "Lucky Pup" facebook site and view the "*****" posts you will see why.  We are afraid to leave our house in fear of reprisal and have threatening emails and calls come in on a daily basis.  They have encouraged hateful speech and outright bullying on us and as you can see from the discussion I sent you I believe their employee did not furnish them with all the info we were providing them all along.  These people have gone the distance to destroy us by posting video of our home & our life without our consent.  
Let me further add to Cate's credentials;
Trains dogs for the Parkinsons Foundation(We feel closely towards this because my Dad has had this for 10 years)
Trains dogs for the Madeline Sofie Center
Trains dogs for the Wounded Warrior Foundation
Official Therapy dog test is held at our facility
Trains dogs for people on the Autistic Spectrum
Trains dogs for people needing assistance with MS(We feel closely for this one because my son has Autism)
- google Shelter Dogs to Dream Dogs please
etc, etc.
Does this sound like a dog murdered and money stealer or a person committed to saving animals? BTW.. Look up my linkedin and you will find that my wife doesn't do this for the money, its for pure love. I have been the primary bread winner and primary supporter of her 501c3 since its inception.  We have since our inception received at most $3,000 in donations, all our money for rescuing animals comes from loyal bootcamps, boardings, trainings & myself.
Thank you for your time.

Two videos about what really happened