Saturday, March 21, 2015

Animal Rescue Shelter of Lawrence County by Bobbie Taylor

BTW, this is not rescue. This is hoarding. This is abuse. If dogs have a choice of living in horrid conditions like this or being PTS in a shelter, then being PTS is much more humane.
AL - Animal Rescue Shelter of Lawrence County / Bobbie TaylorPhotos taken yesterday, March 19, 2015. No one was on site to pull dogs, although we were told by a woman who answered the phone that Shoals Animal Advocates out of Florence came in and took all the puppies,about 60 of them.***Shoals reports "We started with puppies because there are more rescues and fosters that have room for puppies. Most had sarcoptic mange, coccidia, giardia, and whipworms. The majority have since developed upper respiratory issues from the change in environment. These puppies are with Alabama rescues that are trying to vet these immediate concerns with these litters and single pups. A few adult dogs have also been pulled by various groups and are also being vetted. Casey had several rescues lined up for this week and next to start pulling medium to large dogs and cats before SAA and Casey was asked to stop. We are a small foster based rescue that was just trying to help the animals in need. Since we are unable to continue helping, I pray that help is welcomed from other groups and people."