Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cherokee Ferret Rescue and Shelter by David Berlowitz

Berlowitz, David of the Cherokee Ferret Rescue and Shelter in Omaha, NE - “David Berlowitz, operator of the Cherokee Ferret Rescue and Shelter located in Omaha, Nebraska was cited for 23 counts of animal cruelty on Thursday, August 26, 2004. In his home were 21 ferrets, six cats, five dogs, two cockatiels, a green iguana and a guinea pig. The animals were confiscated by the Nebraska Humane Society. The ferrets (and other animals) are now under the care of the HS and are in the process of being adopted out. The ferrets that have medical issues were placed with a vet tech and they will be getting the medical care they need. David also had a warrant out for his arrest in April due to failure to appear in court for 3 additional cruelty/neglect charges he received in February 2004” from