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Dugger, Heather Nicole aka Heather Vaughn, Heather Hastings, Ashley Hart, Mia Vaughn, & William (Billy) Dugger

Heather Vaughn, AKA Heather Hastings, AKA Ashley Hart, AKA Heather Nicole Dugger, AKA Mia Vaughn
Poplar Bluff, MissouriHeather has been observed taking on up to 5 new dogs in the last 4-5 months. Each time she acquires an animal something goes wrong; the dog is too much trouble, doesn’t get along with her kids, landlord won’t allow it, etc. The dogs are then sold.
Most recently she took on a Min Pin that she then tried to sell within a couple of weeks time. She claimed the pup, barely weaned, was mean to her children. (this pup was only 10 or so weeks old).
While posting the pup for sale on FB, in various groups, a rescuer stepped and she told them they "needed to come get the dog that night and it might not make it the night." She went on to say, "I called the police department yesterday where I live at and they said to kill him bc (because) animal control wouldn't take him"
In the morning she wrote to the rescuer, "He passed away. He bit my son and my husband yelled at him and he was on the back of my couch and he lunged at my husband and missed him my husband tried to catch him and he missed him and he fell and hit the floor."
The rescuer contacted the Poplar Bluff Animal Control and made a report. After much urging by the rescuer the police finally visited Heather’s home the day after the incident and did indeed find the dead body of the tiny pup.
There is currently an investigation underway, by several agencies, including animal control.
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So many people and so many groups all working together to make a difference !
It makes me feel so great. Lots of people read some of my story and asked for a summary / update so here it is...
Heather Dugger and her husband "allegedly" had a business of obtaining free dogs over the Internet with over a dozen fake names. Once they got the free dogs they would abuse them , post stories In Facebook groups how they couldn't care for the abused pups and wanted money. They would post pictures of the dogs with what appeared to be blood on them with kids that appeared filthy and disheveled.
As you can imagine, Lots of caring people gave money for the approximately 24 + times she did this. I observed the seemingly abusive chat and "ransom" to save these dogs. I worked with animal rescue worker Michelle Williams to get the last pup "Bear" .
On 2/26 Michelle and I were texting Heather late in the night to bring the dog to the local vet who we also had involved.
Heather said the dog wouldn't make it until the morning and unfortunately she was right, later that night she had admitted her husband had just killed it.
At that time I vowed to do whatever I could to make it so that little dog Bear did not die in vain. I contacted and worked with the local Missouri Pd and also a past victim who had given her money to rescue a previous dog ( after paying almost $400 ransom, that person had seen the living conditions in her home first hand. Dog feces all over the floor , strong smell of dog urine and 2 young kids with rashes all over their bodies) he described the dog as you might expect weighing only 3 pounds from malnourishment, with ring worm, hook worm and extreme loss of hair in blotches all over its little body.
Local police took the information and were working with us and aggressively but it all was taken some time- action date was about 1 to 2 weeks until we could see results.
Yesterday morning at 6am I received a text Heather sent me telling me if I want a free pup I could call a woman in Poplar bluff MO. We're she was getting her next one. As soon as I saw that I looked up that woman, found her phone number and called her. She confirmed my worst fear - yes she had given "Hannah marie" a baby Shitzu just yesterday morning. The nice woman was mortified that she had been tricked and lied to giving up the dog. She didn't sell the dog to Hannah but simply wanted to give it to a good home which Heather assured her she would do. I contacted the poplar bluff pd and put them in touch with this woman who now wanted her little dog back very badly. Local police were already very familiar with Heather and had evidentially had dealt with Heather for the last time. the police acted quickly and within hours the police had the dog back and I'm sure must have seen the adverse living conditions occupied by the 2 idiots and their unfortunate children . Heather and Billy Dugger were both arrested for animal cruelty related charges and questioned at which time they admitted to multiple face book accounts and being members of animal groups on face book and they also admitted to killing the min pin "bear" . Yesterday Heather Dugger went to the local jail and the husband Billy was sent to the county jail where he sits as I write this.
when I woke up this morning I thought I was going to be doing something different that day that's for sure.
My wife Kristyn Martin and I were so upset not only by the pure evil of this woman Heather Dugger but touched by the kindness hardworking efforts of all the members of all the animal groups. Through them we were able the word out about what this woman and obtain additional information to provide the police with to support the case against Heather Dugger / Hastings / VAUGHN .
I'd like to take a moments to thank all the groups 
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