Thursday, March 19, 2015

Paige's Pit Crew by Lang, Jenna aka Jenna Hutton, Jenna Sandler

Lang, Jenna aka Jenna Hutton, Jenna Sandler "She has stolen personal bank acct info and is stealing money & blaming the rescue for stealing people's money" "FYI: this is Jenna Lang who was on the group pms to help with saving dogs...I knew she was dnr & tried to warn people but no one wanted to ya go. Hate to say it, but I told u so. I wish when people warned people about someone they would listen more. Least this is just ur money, credit, and identity that are being stolen...coulda been worse, coulda been an animal's life, depending on who the person people are warning u about is. Please try to take warnings about anyone more seriously (esp the more info they can provide u), I mean, just think.....just in case they are could mean the difference between life and death for an animal. Is it worth it to u to take that risk?
call the PA State Police at 724-223-5200. She must be stopped. Please pass this along to all rescuers. Jenna Lang AKA Paige's Pit Crew is BLACKLISTED.. Jenna is turning rescues that she cannot find homes for in to high kill shelters. DO NOT CROSS POST TO HER OR TAG HER IN ANY RESCUE EFFORTS this post is from Melissa Ridenour please share and let other's know —"