Thursday, March 19, 2015

Save the Lab Rescue, Jesse's Place Rescue Inc, by Dorsey C Patrick

DNR Dorsey C Patrick of Save the Lab Rescue, Jesse's Place Rescue Inc, and she claims to be the operation coordinator for hundreds of rescues, and also runs Dorsey Patrick Photography.

New report:

"Dorsey C Patrick aka Dorsey Ford just derailed a rescue for a pit bull in a N.C. shelter. She lied about the dog. She contacted the foster and said he killed another dog in shelter. Amos is a very nice dog. He hasn't killed anything but because if her lies- his foster backed out. People worked so hard to get him out. He was set to leave this am. Till this woman messed everything up with a preposterous lie. Dorsey personally messaged the foster with this story about him killing a dog. They foster messaged Michele who called me. I said of course not. No dog has killed anything in the shelter. Wth!!! The foster ended up backing out. The only reason he wasn't PTS this morning is the manager is sick"

He's on Columbus county nc. Whiteville (Amos, the dog, thread:


Because we wondered about what this woman's intentions really were....was she lied to about this dog? Did she believe this dog attacked another dog in another shelter? Does she hate bully breeds? Why did she really contact the foster saying this? ...and because we could not yet answer these questions, it was a red flag enough to check into. What we found is interesting

Also, she is already DNR - She was fostering for Save a Lab rescue in N.C. when she stole a dog named Smoke from the rescue by acting as a rogue foster and deciding not to ship the dog. She made a website and has posted lies slandering the rescue Save a Lab in which she used to foster for them. Save a Lab has provided evidence including a screenshot showing Dorsey saying the dog was cleared to transport from April 11. More info directly from Save a Lab below:

This page has been created to refute the outrageous lies that have been posted about Save A Lab Rescue by a former foster, who has stolen a dog from this rescue and is now trying to con people into giving her money to help pay for his care. 
IT fostered Smoke for SAL earlier this year. He had several obvious medical issues when he was pulled, so we did not promote him as available for adoption for several months. In late March, IT posted that Smoke had been cleared medically and was available for adoption.
Many people had been following his story - and recovery - on our page, so it was not surprising that we received an adoption application for Smoke shortly after that. IT was aware that this application had been submitted and was in communication with the applicant. At no point did she express any intent on adopting him herself.
On April 10th, the adoption was approved. At that point, IT went crazy. She sent us an email saying that she could not give him up, and posted all over our page that "Smoke already has a forever home with me". We tried contacting her repeatedly over the next week. She ignored our emails and phone calls. At one point, she agreed (via text) to at least reimburse us for his expenses, but of course, this never happened.
On April 18th, we finally received an email from IT. She informed us that Smoke had a medical issue (spinal cord) and wanted to know if we were going to pay his vet bills. She was told that not only would we pay his future medical expenses, but we would also reimburse her for any expenses she had incurred in the last week - but only if she gave Smoke back to the rescue. Of course, this did not happen because what she really wanted was to keep Smoke and have someone else pay his bills.
At that point, she started twisting the facts saying that we were evil because we tried to force her to transport Smoke who was gravely ill. How convenient for her to forget that Smoke had NO health issues at the time that the adoption was approved and the transport arranged. But she used his medical condition as an excuse for her behavior. Had the adoption actually gone through (meaning that IT had not turned out to be a psycho) and Smoke then became ill, he would never have been transported. We have cancelled transports for dogs who had runny noses and we always err on the side of caution. But once again, she distorted the facts to try to gain sympathy for her actions.
Shortly after that, she created her FB page, which she claims is "FOR SMOKE". It's not. Everything is always about her. She deprived that poor dog of a STABLE home with a family that could afford his care. She can't even afford to pay her phone bill and has to resort to lies to try to gain sympathy and donations. IT is an unstable individual who craves attention and that is the sole purpose of her page. She wants people to admire her for taking care of Smoke and help her pay his bills. She is totally driven by her own selfish needs.
Many times over the last several months, she has been questioned about the facts. She either deletes the post and bans the person, or evades the questions. Especially when asked why she did not give him back to the rescue who was willing to assume financial responsibility. 
Her lies are easily disputed by DOCUMENTATION. We have snapshots of her posts along with every email ever exchanged, which clearly support our version of the events. All she does is post vet bills and call them PROOF - all they prove is that Smoke developed a medical condition around 4/18, which no one disputes. What we DO dispute is that this condition was ever diagnosed PRIOR to her kidnapping him and that he was "abandoned" when he was in fact stolen.
Her story changes constantly. When confronted about the fact that SAL never abandoned him, she claimed that since we never came and forcibly took him from her, that was abandonment. However, she threatened to have anyone who came onto her property arrested for trespassing. We could not ask anyone to assume the legal risk (not to mention the risk of dealing with such an unstable individual) and physically reclaim Smoke. 
A couple of months ago, she finally gave up posting on her Smoke page because people kept calling her out on her lies. So she stated she would post her updates on her personal page, where others could not see them and refute them. Apparently she did not get enough of the attention she craves, so in the last couple of days she is back to posting her lies on her Smoke page. Once again, we have to take time away from rescue to deal with her insanity.
We ask anyone who reads her page to request documentation of her allegations. A coherent timeline of events that are supported by FACTS. She can not produce this, because what she says is simply not true. However, WE can. Anyone who wants a copy can contact us at We can produce vet bills, reimbursements, and stacks of emails that show exactly WHAT happened and WHEN it happened. Our rescue would never abandon a dog and have taken in many labs - including Smoke - with major medical needs. Anyone who has ever dealt with us knows the truth. And we will not let one unstable, delusional, and selfish individual harm what we have worked so hard to build.
quote above from
More pics from the fb page for Smoke.....Dorsey left this dog in horrible pain in boarding! That is NOT rescue

Next, she runs multiple rescues....very odd. Most people spend their money and time promoting just their one rescue because it is much easier and more efficient.

Pay special attention to this part of this Jesse's Place post

Donations can be sent to address below or via Paypal to

Dorsey Patrick

Jesse's Place Rescue Inc
66 Timberidge Dr
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She also just pulled this dog under Jesse's Place Rescue 

We are working on trying to see if either of these rescues or others she is working with are registered with any state or IRS and will update once we can verify.