Saturday, March 14, 2015

Vet on the Go LLC by Jaine Weise

LEWES, Del. - Dr. Jaine Weise, owner of Vet on the Go LLC, has been suspended for 60 days for alleged negligence that left two dogs dead.According to documents from the Delaware Department of Professional Regulation, she allegedly engaged in "performance of an improper surgical procedure... unnecessary use of sedation... use of sedation reversal medication not approved for canines" and more. Morgan Lally of Magnolia was the owner of one of the dogs who passed away, Bo. She said Bo was brought to Dr. Weise on April 14th, 2014 to get neutered, but when he was picked up, something was wrong. She said when they called Dr. Weise, she suggested side effects of the anesthesia.
"He was laying down on the table just like convulsing like seizures and I mean you could tell that it wasn't the anesthesia," Lally said.Bo died shortly after of cardiac arrest during emergency surgery.
On March 10th, Dr. Weise was suspended for 60 days. Also, back in September the state temporarily suspended Weise due to an addiction to ketamine, which is the anesthetic she was licensed to distribute.
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