Monday, May 18, 2015

Best Friends Critter Sitter by Susan Truscott

In CookevilleTN 

Dog sitter claimed that dog died in it's sleep so they buried the dog, but then the dog shows up at an animal shelter with injuries. Article also states that there is a Yelp review from 2009 from someone claiming this same pet sitter lost their dog.

Deirdre C posted this review 5/12/15 about this pet sitter. 

"We used Ms Truscott to care for our dogs for a number of years without incident. This last time however she betrayed our trust so completely that i would give NEGATIVE stars if i could.
We left our two dogs with her when we went out of town for a week in mid-April. When we returned we phoned her to say we were back and would like her to bring the dogs home, and to please call. She did not phone. The next morning she knocked on the door with one of our dogs (Fern). Susan said that Fawn had "died peacefully in her sleep" while we were gone. Susan said she found her "cold little body in the doggie bed". She said she cried. She said (and her boyfriend elaborated) that they buried her in a little coffin in their pet cemetery. She hugged me.  I asked how Fern had taken the loss of Fawn. She said Fern had been fine, playing with a poodle puppy they had, and were looking to sell. (hint hint?) Discussion of the poodle puppy came up twice more in the conversation.
That was April 22. On May 1, Fawn was picked up in Algood (about 15 miles away) with terrible injuries which needed surgery. Fawn then spent the next week or so in the animal shelter. I was not looking for my lost dog, since i'd been told she was dead. I happened to look at the shelter web page and saw Fawn's picture staring at me. We went and rescued her from the shelter. 
WHO LOSES (or worse) a tiny dog and then LIES that she died instead of telling the truth?
Review from 

Lauri S posted this review
Review dated 5/27/2009
, "I give this kennel 0 stars!!!  They claimed to have lost our dog, once I got the sherrif involved, they suddenly "found" him.  Turns out the sherrif has been called there alot!!  Do not use this kennel!!!!" from

Bonnie R posted this review on 2/20/2012
"I can say that my two Pomerania's loved their stay there.  My husband and I had to go out of town for 10 days and placed them in Susan's care and I was very worried about leaving my babies for the first time for such a long time.  Sue put me right to ease when she showed me her place and let me know where my babies were going to be able to sleep...I was so happy with her HOME-STYLE boarding.  All i can say is I am so glad we found her." from

We have not yet checked to verify if this is a licensed pet sitting business or not yet, but her website claims she has been operating since 1996.