Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bully Love Rescue & Lotsa Licks and Love Rescue by Hennessy, Heather

ty as a rescuer and person but also on some friends of mine. The reasons behind these attacks besides the bat shit crazy people starting them is mainly because myself and others will call out shady, irresponsible rescuers when we see them. Over a year ago I called out Heather Hennessy. I was called a multitude of names, accused of being a bully, was accused of putting aggressive dogs down (which we all know is bullshit look at my Marge) and a host of other things yet people still gave her dogs and still worked with her in regards to rescue. Well, apparently she doesn't know or she forgot that I work with the La Porte shelter. She has recently moved to La Porte, she went to the shelter asking about helping with their pitties. Then on 4/27 her boyfriend surrendered Jonah. Of course when he is scanned for a chip it comes back to Bully Love Rescue and has Heather's contact info. The shelter called, she said she would call them back about getting him picked up. She never has and she now won't answer their calls. WTF? Myself and others are horrible people for calling scum like this out? If that is the general consensus of rescuers in Houston then I want NO part of it. I don't dump my animals in a shelter. Who is going to pull your older (was 2 years old in 2012), brindle pit bull that she admitted on the pictures of him on HER rescue page Lotsa Licks and Love Rescue that he is a runner and timid of big, burly men? Who will save him when he is on the euthanasia list because the shelter has run out of room? Or better yet what will be done if gets one of the many viruses floating around the shelter? This is a damn disgrace and I am so disgusted right now I can't think straight. It's rescuers like this that give us all a bad name. I will ALWAYS call out shady, irresponsible rescuers because the dogs they are "helping" deserve BETTER go ahead and hate me for it. Yes, before you even ask I verified with the ACO that it was in fact her boyfriend from pictures of him, I have seen the notes on his kennel card where they have called etc. Below is a picture I took of him today in the shelter and pictures from HER rescue FB page Lotsa Licks and Love Rescue. Oh ya and if you are friends with her PLEASE screen shot this and send it to her she has me blocked otherwise I would tag her