Saturday, May 2, 2015

Paws and Claws

"***Update 4/28/15***
Peaceful Hooves Paws and Claws Rescue is not affiliated with the owner or the business of Paws & Claws in Yelm in any way.
Please join us in and help make a difference and exercise our rights to peaceably assemble!
***Update 4/26/15***
An ex employee of Paws N Claws contacted me. She has chosen to remain anonymous however she confirmed they do purchase puppies from the Graham and Roy puppy mills. They do "share" vaccinations between puppies and they have knowingly flipped sick puppies/cats/kittens in the past.
Several more people have contacted me today. One woman warns the owner has a history of physical violence after being confronted about selling puppies. Another ex employee watched helplessly as sick puppies died in their cages without medical attention and then were thrown in the garbage. Multiple ex clients have told me they were rough with their personal dogs and rude to patrons.
I want it to be known, Paws & Claws grooming in Yelm does sell puppies and cats/kittens. When asked where they get them they get very defensive. She said they get them from all over and "people just drop them off" when I tried to chat with the staff today about where they get their puppies and she was immediately defensive and angry. I asked her why they sell the dogs for so much and she said it's the going rate and that they cost a lot to take care of. They live in cages all day with wire mesh bottoms... I told ger I do rescue and know exactly how much raising dogs and puppies cost. She said "good for you, then why are you here?" They are selling "hybrid" chiweenies and pom chi's and advertise them as designer breeds. I asked if they spay or neuter prior to selling and she said "that's unhealthy for them" I said, that's a common misconception and she replied "vets around here won't even do it" another misinformed statement. I asked if she felt guilty for contributing to pet overpopulation and told her that I see little puppies and dogs being euthanized every day because there aren't enough homes for them and she said "that sucks, but why should I feel guilty, how else is my boss going to pay me $20 an hour, we need to make a profit." In any case she made it very clear anyone who is going to ask questions about the puppies is not welcome and they make a huge profit from selling these puppies. She also told me she's a breeder herself and it's not her fault dogs are being euthanized. She told me don't come back unless you want to "adopt a puppy" and I told her, that's not adoption that's selling dogs for profit. To which she replied "that's your opinion, have a nice day." I have no first hand experience as to how they handle the puppies... but the way they handle the cats is infuriating. I watched this morning as she sold an adult cat by reaching in to the cage, pulling it out by the scruff of the neck and then shoving it in a cardboard box. He kept trying to escape so she shoved his head roughly in the box and duct taped the top shut. It was not a pet carrier... it was a used cardboard box without holes in it. The buyer asked "does he have a name?" The employee replied, "no but honestly I just call him Satan." The owner asked if he came with shot records, and of course no he didn't.
I urge anyone who lives in the area to also go ask questions. But please do not have your dogs groomed or spend any money in that facility.
Boycott Paws & Claws grooming in Yelm and Lacey (different owners) until the owners stop selling puppies and promoting bad breeding."