Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sanders, Candace

DNA/DNF/DNR , Candace Sanders,, DYERSBURG, TN -
I called Dyersburg Humane Society. It turns out that Candace went into the HS that day, 4/18, the day we told her she could not adopt Trapper, & LIED to them. Told them that Save A Lab rescue had abandoned him, & she would adopt him. Instead of contacting us, KNOWING our reputation, & that we would NEVER abandon a dog, the HS didn’t question her. Instead they did adoption paperwork in her name. I explained to the woman there the situation over the phone. They were appalled & SEEMED as if they would try to help.Fast forward a month. I have spoken to more than one person at Dyersburg HS, including staff, the ACO, & 3 had 3 conversations with the Vice President on the board. NO ONE has done A THING. I also requested twice that the President call me, & no response. I emailed the President, requesting she contact me, still no response. What is MOST infuriating is that its THEIR mistake that allowed this to happen. And MORE so, Candace has broken THEIR regulations on both the foster agreement AND the adoption agreement she did with them, that the animals cannot be housed outside. Yet they have done nothing to even attempt to get OUR dog back from her. And even if legally its HER dog because of the mistake they made letting her do adoption paperwork, they are not doing anything about her breaking the adoption contract, by having dogs living outside.We had a volunteer drive 4 hours each way 2 weeks ago, because I was told after numerous calls to the sheriff, police, ACO, & a few attorneys, that we could file a “warrant for removal” but it had to be in person. Of COURSE when we got our volunteer there, nothing could be done, or would be done. I tried a few more attorneys, we were willing to pay, yet no one felt there was much that could be done. Even though we have many documented messages & paperwork proving what happened.SO we are left with this. Making sure ALL the rescue world knows that this 4th GRADE TEACHER, who teaches & lives in Dyersburg, TN, lied & stole a dog. Her husbands name is Dru.Here is her teacher profile… This is her personal FB page…Please be sure of 2 things. 1, you do NOT let her Foster or adopt from your rescue or shelter. And 2, that if you work with the Dyersburg Humane Society, be prepared to not have them back you up or try to rectify THEIR mistakes. Very sad when a shelter burns a good rescue bridge. & even sadder when a TEACHER lies & steals a dog in such an underhanded way. This is Candace Sanders photo as well.If anyone has any ideas of how we can go about getting Trapper back, please let us know. Thank you

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