Monday, May 18, 2015

Twin Rottweiler Animal "Rescue" by Brett Bennett

Brett Bennett on the page of Twin Rottweiler Animal “Rescue.”

According to articles and many sources, Brett stages dog fights between dogs of different breeds and films them and posts them online to make money. 
Brett Bennett on the page of Twin Rottweiler Animal "Rescue." Image from Brett Bennett.
For some reason Bennett stopped posting these videos for awhile, but last Monday, I found a video on his YouTube page entitled Rott VS Rott! Rottweilers Face Off in the Hood (another sensational title to lure viewers) staging a confrontation between his dog and another Rottweiler.
At the beginning of the video, Bennett and the pit bull’s owner build the tension between their dogs by holding them in place and allowing them to stare each other down. And to keep the tension high,Bennett takes a squeaky toy and throws it between the dogs. 
So far over 5000 people have watched the video.And here’s another staged confrontation from earlier this year entitled PIT BULL VS ROTTWEILER FIGHT!!! PIT ATTACKS ROTT that he posted a week ago. Over 25,000 people have watched it, which means more money in Bennett’s pocket.
In this video posted this morning, he allows his 2 Rottweilers that are off-leash to attack a pit bull. He filmed it last year before one of his dogs died last January. To sensationalize the attack, he puts it on a continuous loop so the viewer can watch it a few times.
Here’s a similar video from January entitled Rottweilers Attack German Shepherd or Husky:
Bennett could have avoid these attacks if he had held onto the dogs’ leashes, but then he wouldn’t have been able to hold his camera tovideo the confrontations

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