Sunday, July 19, 2015

Shelter Dogs to Dream Dogs by Cate Sacks

Feeling sad tonight knowing that one year ago this evening, Sandy was spending his last night on earth in the home of Cate Sacks... he didn't know she would drag him to the shelter the next day and for $ 15 order him euthanized. We had no way of knowing so we could have saved him.
Was he hurt? We don't think so. Since Cate Sacks had just deposited the last check for $ 2500 the day before...and she had received a draft of a rescue transfer.. we can only guess that she must have tired of him and thought she could get away with having him killed ~ like she has done with at least 2 other dogs at the very same shelter. It must have been pretty busy at the Sacks household, as Cate Sacks had just picked up SEVEN other dogs from Chula Vista Shelter in the few days that Sandy was there.
Cate Sacks, the owner of Shelter Dogs To Dream Dogs...would then go to cover up Sandy's killing for 2 weeks, pretending Sandy was still alive. There are no words to describe what she did next: she actually sent us two fake written email progress reports, one June 11 and one on June 16th AFTER she had Sandy killed ~ in order to secure the final rescue transfer from us.
Further, she would go on to lie about what she had done for ANOTHER 6 months, until our small claims court action made it impossible to hide the truth. Then, once exposed, Cate Sacks and her husband Steele would minimize, deny, lie, rationalize, and play victim. They would lie to us, the Better Business Bureau and to San Diego Animal Control to cover what she had done. They would tell Channel 8 CBS reporter that we "falsified" our documents, that we were making money off of Sandy's death and that we do this "all the time" to other rescues. Three more lies told because they aren't able to "own" the repulsive deed they done to Sandy~ and to the very clients who hired and trusted them. (after being paid $4300)
We hope fellow animal lovers, and rescuers will remember, there is only one victim in this story- a little brown terrier named Sandy, rescued from the shelter and given to this "trainer" Cate Sacks. Who we now know, has no credentials whatsoever. Our Sandy was taken to a shelter and was ordered killed by the very person we had hired to help him in a despicable and evil turn of events.
Further, Cate Sacks and her husband both said PUBLICLY, to the BBB and to us that had NEVER ever euthanized any other dogs. But we know of at least two. The city of Chula Vista public records don't lie.
And those donations they collect for their "dog rescue" ? Public records show In 2013 ~ 990's show SMC&K Enterprises, Inc. received $148,748 in donations. They used $84,000 of those donations for their rent and utilities, $ 7000 a month... and then spent less than $3,000 in pet supplies. So....OVER 50% of the "donations" received were spent on their rent and utilities.
Tomorrow, on the anniversary of his death, we'll be launching our blog in his
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