Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Dog House

"This place sells dogs that they claim to be healthy even though they are sick!! They do something to these dogs that make them extremely skittish around men. This place is unsanitary and unclean! All of these puppies need to be saved!!! And this place NEEDS TO BE SHIT DOWN FOREVER!!! This is my story: This needs to be known that THE DOG HOUSE IN MANCHESTER CT is a horrible horrible place!!! We bought a puppy two weeks ago.. That had paperwork saying HEALTHY.. And we brought her to the vet a day after and she was diagnosed with phnemonia.. We where given antibiotic that where not working so we brought her back and she was just hospitalized because she is getting worse!!!! the dog house seemed to not even care no apology or sympathy that the dog I love is dying... And they said o can gent anew dog if I bring her back.. I don't want a new dog I love this one.. She's like we can bring her back and we can treat her um you didn't realize she was sick to begin with I don't think soo!!!... I want my vet that I've gone to for years!!!They aren't even offering to help with the 1,500-2,700 vet bill that is getting bigger by the day. She is fighting for her life right now. And I think they abuse these poor helpless animals because she sometimes backs away from my boyfriend and when he calls he she walks very slowly toward him. (And from a source that uses to work there they do hurt these animals) All these puppies need to be saved and this place needs to be shut down!!!! I've Heard enough you should adopt from shelters I understand that but these puppies need our help!!! My story is not the only one like this I've heard about 50 more in the past day about these poor helpless animals! This needs to be stopped and those dogs need real care and help!" from