Sunday, October 25, 2015

All Animal Rescue by Kimberly Dowling, Samantha Weissner, Stephanie Denueve, & Christine James & more

Kimberly Dowling-Abuses dogs in her care, chokes, hits and chains pitbulls. 20 dogs abandoned by All Animal Rescue, Samantha Weissner, Stephanie Denueve, Christine James and Kimberly dowling.DNA A mess of a rescue! DNA, Kimberley Dowling, Stephanie Denueve and Samantha Weissner, All Animals Rescue. Stop sending money to All Animals Rescue!!! They have eight dogs abandoned in boarding at Pet Chalet in Corona, CA. They have not paid their boarding bill of $15,000. If they are not paying their bills, where are your pledges going? The boarding facility is willing to work with us to get these dogs out safely. People will be going tomorrow to get photos and videos of the dogs that will need to be re-rescued. A copy of this code section was given to the person who stopped by the boarding facility today. They are giving us a gift by allowing us time to place these dogs in new foster's or rescues. We must use this time wisely. Please check back for more information on which dogs need help. Stop supporting All Animals Rescue! Once the money stops, they will go away. from

Jenny Hauschidt-Dog Slinger, Dog Flipper. These are the names of the people associated with All Animals Rescue and helped to pump up pledges and then collect pledges. They already know these dogs have been neglected for months, unvetted, stuck in boarding but choose to turn the other way. Do your self a favor and block everyone on this list. Stephanie Deneuve (Wilson), Samantha Weisser, Terisha Mitchell, Michele Wilson, Megan Gleeson, Jenny Hauschildt ,Angie Wiedenkeller,Christine James, Jacinda Martinez, Barbara Horvath  from

Christine James of CJ's Rescue in Washington state. She takes puppies under 6 months old.