Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dayglyn Kennels

Josh Arsenault to Lost and Found Pets of Massachusetts
This story as it is unbelievable how Dayglyn Kennel is treating this family. Spread the word to everyone that you know. PLEASE SHARE THIS!
Roughly two and a half months ago Dayglyn Kennels in Pepperell lost my girlfriend Maria's 10 pound poodle Winnie. They lost her at night and her family was not informed until almost 4 hours after the dog went missing. On top of that they only helped look for the dog the first day after in which they said we will replace the dog if it isn't found. Fast forward to now and her parents have had to pay out of pocket for numerous trackers and have had TONS of local people helping in search of the dog which we are all greatful for , but sadly it has not gotten Winnie back. Maria went down to the kennel to talk about getting Winnie replaced and the owner Angela and her husband Colin told her off. Saying they aren't paying for anything and the dog was raised wrong which is why she hasn't been found. How does a kennel owner have the nerve to tell the dog owner that?! Long story short the kennel has been zero help and I HIGHLY recommend that no one uses them and to please spread the word. No business owner needs to treat someone this way nor be as rude as they were to Maria when she simply wants closer. They have been VERY unprofessional and rude throughout this entire ordeal. Just imagine how the treat your pets if this is how they are towards a paying customer who's dog they lost.