Thursday, October 8, 2015

North Shore Animal League

Shelters shamelessly reaching about as low as you can go: soliciting for puppies, but not the moms, for resale and distribution.
North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, NY, and Virginia's Martinsville Henry County SPCA, have you no shame? Dogs and cats are dying every minute of every day in shelters in the Northeast because of space, but what do you care? Oh wait, you DO care. About selling puppies.
The ad below is from today's Franklin News Post in Rocky Mount, Virginia.

Rescue-Watch This info is provided by Guide Star and is public record. Tax returns (990s) from 2009 – 2013 are also available. Revenue from 2013 was a whopping 35 MILLION DOLLARS. Assets at the end of year were 20 MILLION DOLLARS! And they can't spay or neuter every animal?

Ms. Valerie Anne Fields
Sr. Vice President & CFO