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Windy Acre Ranch aka Sleepy Hollow Horse Rescue by Schak, Jeff & Sarah

Using animals to make money. They sell puppies online from the Deer Park, WA area near Spokane.
They run a puppymill. She has a criminal record for animal cruelty when she was using the name Sleepy Hollow Horse Rescue.

See link below the following post regarding them.

Sarah Schak - Windy Acre Ranch, Deer Park, WA raging puppy mill!

Jeff and Sarah Schak are the worst animal abusers that I have ever run across in my 30+ years of rescuing animals and starting this dog rescue in 1991.  If you buy ANY animals from the Schaks in parking lots in the Pacific northwest or at their home at Deer Park, WA, 99006 or they text you at 509-768-6779 or call from another number associated with them 509-276-3377, RUN!  Do not buy any of their animals or you could be very sorry like the hundreds of complaining customers we hear from every year.  Folks in this area know we worked to close down the horse rescue so they still report to us every time they are run over by Sarah Schak or Jeff Schak. 
The Schaks have many personal and business aliases for whatever animals they are breeding.  They are a full blown puppy mill breeder of many breeds of dogs including Goldens, Cockers, Cockapoos, Goldendoodles, Poodles, Yorkies, Chihuahuas,  Bostons, Schnauzers and many mixed breed mutts with a combination of all of the above.  They were puppy mill breeding Dachshunds as well but we warned enough people to never buy any of their dogs we kept rescuing as Pine Hollow and Sleepy Hollow Dachshunds so they switched to other breeds to puppy mill.  They also breeds, birds, goats, sheep, bunnies, etc.  They are nolonger trying to do horses as the horse community here knew they were a cut rate, lying horse dealers, but they still have horses as well including Paints.
I first met Sarah Schak when I watched her beat a horse bloody that she was paid for haul home from the horse auction in Davenport, Wash, for a customer.  That was my first whiff that she is a nasty animal abuser.  That casual, very public horse cruelty assured me that I wanted to avoid her like the plague to not help or support her concentration camp version or a horse rescue.  There is years of first hand history between us, but after many years of complaints, about 10 a month now, I am STILL warning the public about who they are supporting with their money, a convicted animal abuser who is STILL breeding animals.
The Schaks were in trouble with animal control and the sheriff long before I met them when they ran a fake horse rescue called Sleep Hollow Horse Rescue in south Spokane county.  There were animal abuse convictions there in Spokane.  They then moved to Lincoln county near Creston, Wash. where these photos are from.  The sheriff's office closed them down there with animal abuse amd neglect convictions.   Aninmals are considered property in this state and it is a haven for animal abusers so in order for something to be noiticed and shut down here as far as animal cruelty it really has to be bad.  That is where these horse photos are from.  This is a lovely horse rescue in the garbage pit and junk yard, right?
Later Sarah Sckak had opened a bird store she called Tropical Treausres.  There were many complaints with the Deer Park Police of skinny, stressed naked birds who plucked all their feathers while living in filth with no food and water so they closed that down for good.  Not surte if there were neglect citations or not but it was finaly closed so now they have their birds they are breeding at their Deer Park location.
They then started a bunny breeding and showing business but they were also kicked out of the rabbits and bunnies in this region with bunny abuse in public.  They had to close The Rabbit Schak or that rapid breeding business with amny reports to the sheriff from neglect and dead animals.  I am sure they blamed me once again for this closure, but the rabbit/bunny people do not want animal abusers in their industry either while leaving them starving in buildings with frozen water in winters, etc.  I was receving 5+ complaints a month about all the dead and dying rabbits they had in their outbuuldings.  They refused to feed and water them after they moved to their current location near Deer Park.  I just warned everyone AGAIN this was yet another business alias and more animal abuse.
I am sure the Schaks blamed me for every failed business closure in animals listed above.  It has never occyred to them to just feed and water their animals for some reason and not leave them living out their lives in tiny cages.  Yes, I do continue to STILL warn the public about their many aliases and animal cruelty convictions when they are selling many puppies and birds in parking lots all over the Pacific Northwest.  Again, the Schaks have many YEARS of angry customers in this region long before I met them.  They just can't sell their animals for many years without making people angry when the animals are not as promised, not healthy, advertised as registerd yet sold without their papers or vet records and so on.  I am not the one they should blame for their failures.  I do want to keep them from defrauding more people who are tired of being run over by these two so I try to keep their future customers being defrauded hence this warning. 
I will include a link with the F rating for the Better Business Bureau so folks can research as well.  They always sell in parking lots so folks can not inspect their filthly home and surroundings.  If the animal you buy from ANY puppy mill is not as promised without written health guarantees or a dated receipt when folks refuse to text or call you back, how can you return the animals?
They are now a full blown puppy mill called Windy Acre Ranch and still continue to put out pups that are not as promised.  I guess it has never occerred to them to just breed a better quality animal of any kind, guarantee them and take them back if not as promised or not healthy, etc.  They would have many less angry customers who have to reach out to complain or try to close them down.  If they were decent breeders no one would need to be warned about how they treat their family, their neighbors, their employees and their friend and their many angry customers.  You may be putting money in the hands of animal abusers like these if you keep buying your animals in parking lots!
Now that we have outed their latest puppy mill breeding operation name they have closed down  I am sure they will pop up with yet another business alias soon.  "Let the buyer beware" and please do your research BEFORE buying a sick puppy full of fleas, worms or giardia or sold way before 8 weeks old, etc.
There has been years of harassment towards us and this dog rescue because we continue to warn the public about the Schaks.  Every time they have a very angry customer they somehow think or assume it is me sending in my "minions."  They do start a newround of fake reports to animal control or the sheriff or any city, county, state and federal government ageny they can think to harass us.  Many years of abuse yet we are still here adopting homeless wieners.  We actually feed our animals and have 300+ visitors here a year.  We can stand visits from anyone at any time yet they finally have stopped coming out even with their fake reports.   We are still doing our thing and will continue to keep rescuing the animals they pump out.  It is now 30+ animals including horses, rabbits, dogs of many breeds and mutts, etc., that we have rescued that they bred and sold or resold since 2003.  Every time the Schaks have yet another very angry customer who dumps one of the animals, their customers always tell people and they do tell us.
Please do continue to report any run ins with the Schaks to me, Margo, Director of this rescue with one business name since 1991, Dachshund Rescue NW:  Voice mail number for our dog rescue 509-796-2140 and that number does not change either.

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They are listed as breeders selling puppies all over the internet:

Puppies for sale by Windy Acre Ranch -

Dog Breeder Directory @ Puppies for Sale by Windy Acre Ranch - Updated 10-07-2015. Dog Breeder in Spokane, Washington. Pekingese ...

Complaint: I purchased a puppy from Windy Acre Ranch on 9/23/14. This puppy was advertised as registered both on the ad and verbally. I've been in contact with ***** ***** regarding the papers since purchased and was continuously reassured she had sent them in. On 11/12/14 I learned that she had never don't what she said and no papers would be forth coming. My puppy was also advertised as healthy with vaccination, worming protocal, etc. He had fleas, diarrhea, some blood in stool off and on, tapeworm (due to the fleas), and separation anxiety. I was in contact with ***** regarding these issues all along. I have asked for a partial refund to reflect a pet price not a registered one along with the poor health of my dog. ***** has offered a refund and returning my pup to her to re-sell or euthanize in the next week or two. This is unexceptable as he is part of the family now and I will not return him to that environment. ***** ***** runs a puppy mill. Upon arriving the conditions in the yard and porch area were filthy. There was trash everywhere and the flies were covering the door and porch. Dogs were in horse trailers, metal crates in the yard, and more dogs could be heard in the house and out back. There was feces everywhere. My puppy was clean as she had just bathed him. There was no documentation of shots or worming protocol. She did grab a puppy package and fill in information regarding schedule, but no actual dates of when worming and vaccinations were done. Upon arriving home and bathing my puppy again as he still smelled I found his head area covered in fleas.
Desired Settlement: I have asked ***** for a $300 refund of the $600 I paid for a healthy, registered puppy. She has refused and offered a refund and returning puppy to re-sell or euthanize. I also just want the condition of the property and my puppy on record.

Another convicted animal abuser is back at it again and Sarah Schak is WORSE then Bergman of Newport who was all over the news this week. We had rescued way too many of Schak's mentally ill, unhealthy wiener dogs and we ran her out of our breed so she switched dog breeds to Goldens, Bostons and Poodles, bunnies, back in horses and selling starved birds. I need someone to investigate and find out why no one can go to her home ti inspect and make sure animals are safe. But YEARS of reports closed down the fake horse rescue but she is back at it again so time to feature her once again. You might get people coming forward, again.
Heads up and please share! A longtime puppy mill breeder and horse dealer is now in Poodles and Bostons as well as Paint horses. We need to keep warning others and not support ANY animal abusers. That starts by not buying anything in parking lots and we can close people like this down for good.
Sarah Schak of Deer Park, a convicted animal abuser and formerly of Sleepy Hollow Horse Rescue fame closed by authorities for animal abuse, is now advertising a Boston pup for sale and a Poodle at stud out of Chatteroy, Wash. See links below. She is advertising as Windy Acres as of right this second for dogs and selling birds under other names as well as Paint horses in Deer Park, etc. But as soon as I out any name Schak changes that name for her "business" or herself to something new. She does use aliases for herself when meeting people in parking lots now so "let the buyer beware."
FYI, Schak is just as bad as an animal abuser as Bergman selling pups in parking lots in Newport, Wash. Bergman was all over the news again this week after she was closed down 10 years ago by the law. But the law will not close the animal abusers if people will not come forward and report everything. It is up to animal buyers to walk away and STOP buying animals anywhere else, but someone's home so you can return them if not as promised. "Bad buyer"s keep these animal torturers/starvers in business because they want a puppy so bad they will not research the breeders.
FYI, Schak also has her mother selling her birds in north Idaho so research phone numbers and use the Internet people.
Did you know good breeders will always let people inspect their homes and ask the right questions of people who want to buy any animal. The big clue is they come up with many great stories or excuses why you can't go to their house and inspect where they raise the animals. That alone should make you walk away from them as breeders or resellers. So insist on going to their house and see what they say. It is always entertaining how many excuses from health or no time or have to go to work now or too busy or my mother is dying or...
Current ads for Schak so warn your Boston and Poodle friends she is puppy mill breeding in these breeds now after we ran her out of wiener dogs here and warned everyone she was buying her "rescued" horses at the livestock auction and reselling under BS stories when she ran her fake horse rescue so she was a small time horse dealer then.
So just another broken record warning once again to stay out of parking lots when buying ANY animals. You will be putting your money in the hands of this Schak person or whatever name she calls herself in any and see police reports and inspection reports documanting dead animals there from when she was closed down last time when in Creston, Wash. in Lincoln County. She has moved and is now near Deer Park and Stevens County where Deer Park forced her Tropical Treasures bird shop to close with a couple years of reports starved and filthy birds being sold in public. She was run out of Spokane County with the horse rescue but she knows if she moves and set up shop she has YEARS to abuse people before she has to move again. Same with Bergman above too.
The bird people already closed her up, TWICE. Some horse people reported her fake horse rescue. The bunny folks stopped her recently in the last few years and banned her from their shows for her behavior and abusing bunnies in front of a judge even. They did report her showing starved rabbits at regional shows but Schak has moved back into dogs and now horses. Oh joy.
Schak will never get a real job as long as people keep supporting her puppy mill breeding operations in many breeds of dogs, her starved birds and other poor animals in her clutches. See the link above, Close Sleep Hollow, for starved, warehoused and dead animals. Too bad more people would not come forward or she might of gotten jail time for her last conviction instead of fines, etc. See web site above for those details.
Poodle at stud:
Boston pup for sale:
Once an animal abuser ALWAYS an animal abuser unless the media will highlight this person again and Schak's fraud of selling unhealthy, unsocialized and mentally ill pups to an unsuspecting public. Ask to go to her home and see what happens. LOL.

Please share. Sarah Schak living near Deer Park is a notorious puppy mill breeder and convicted animal abuser numerous times. She lives off of Lenard Lane but often advertises her puppies for sale from any town but Deer Park or all over eastern Washington. She is the worst animal abuser we have ever run across in our 24+ years of dog rescuing.
She also posts under many different aliases and always offers to sell pups in parking lots as well as her birds she breeds and sells among other small animals.
Schak had her bird store in Deer Park closed as well named Tropical Treasures by the police department when they were thirsty, living in filthy cages, stressed and starved too. That was too public so not she is starving them at her home in filthy conditions there as well.
Look up the fake horse rescue, Sleepy Hollow Horse Rescue, on the Better Business Bureau in Eastern Washington to see all the business aliases by scrolling to the bottom and seeing her F rating as well. The Schaks have run over many people for years who never reported them which is beyond sad. Please stop buying her animals because it just encourages her to breed more and more and more.
Check out this web site showing dead, abused and starved animals we maintain to help warn people and research her or her cell phone number but now she sells many of her pups on Facebook:
When she was breeding Dachshunds we rescued many of her unhealthy and socialized pups for YEARS until we warned enough wiener people away so she switched breeds for her long time puppy mill operation. I run Dachshund Rescue NW since 1991 and I have been warning people about Schak or whatever name she is calling herself for years now since I met her in 2003. I witnessed that she abused a horse, beat it bloody to load it, when paid to haul it for someone. She used a whip in public at a horse auction and did not care even when the horse was terrified and dripping blood everywhere. She was right because the animal control folks and sheriff's department in two different counties did nothing for that blatant animal abuse.
Schak's latest business name is and we are still getting many reports of sick and wormy pups she is selling, no shot records, diarrhea from giardia, no health check from vets, etc. If you see this woman or her husband Jeff Schak selling animals in parking lots please take down their license plate numbers. Please, please, please report them to Spokane County sheriff's office if in the country or Spokane city or other city police if you spot them in town. It is illegal to sell live animals in parking lots in Spokane county yet she does it constantly.
Let the buyer beware and STOP buying animals in any parking lot or you might have the pleasure of supporting a vicious animal abuser like this toad.

They also run Sleepy Hollow Horse Rescue where she was charged with animal cruelty,6345967&hl=en More info More info

"Sarah Schak, owner of the nonprofit horse rescue operation, was charged with two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty Jan. 15.
Spokane County Animal Control authorities say Schak failed to provide necessary medical attention for a 3-year-old miniature horse named Obi, and failed to provide adequate food for a 2-year-old quarter horse cross named Rose.
Schak, who has been in business just over a year, feels the charges are unjust." from