Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Storm Rescue

Storm Rescue and Steve Miller, Angela Halfman, Royce Bordes, & Christine Evans involved.

Monica Rolan added 2 new photos.
"ve said he had more sad news and was sorry to tell me that Max pictured below a pup that we transported to a rescue. On Sept 27th was pts by that rescue on OCT 9th. No updates or pics had been posted to their page .odd but not unheard of we all get busy I get that. But several people who had a hand in helping save this handsome silly boy. Began wondering why no pics no calls nothing.then people were told I believe and I am paraphrasing so forgive me. " he's away at training doing good" this was stated long after they had already killed him. They said he was in not good condition .then emaciated then agressive and they could not even get a leash on him. (They did leash him because per ac they walked him in on a leash when they requested he be destroyed.) They didn't contact any of the parties who had a hand in his saving fostering boarding sure nobody will ever know the truth of what really happened. But steve and I went to visit him ourselves after he was unable to be transported because he was mouthy and hard to handle I was told. I assumed he finally went but then almost a month later Angela Halfman reached out to me and said he was still in limbo. Nobody would transport him . Because of this or that. So I told angela, "let me have a some time, I need to go meet him myself. I don't want to know what other people say .I want to see for myself .so I asked my buddy steve if he would like to meet with me and go have a look at this dog called max. I had been told lots of things. I always say there are many sides to a story the truth is usually in the middle. So we went to Nicole ' s to meet the pup. I was almost disappointed. The dog I saw was not aggressive biting flailing snarling. Nope just walked out on his leash very attached to Nicole following her every movement. She told us his story . And I said well I don't see any of what's been said tell you what let's each take him for a walk load him have him kennel and see... So we did. We walked along swapped leash kept a steady pace no muss no fuss. We gave him the command to kennel up .yep he did that to. He did tug at the leash a bit because we were new to him .but no different then any other dog would do. We both took him for a spin and I said well steve I say he's good to go. Are you comfortable as well with him. Steve said he had no problem.2 weeks later we picked him up on sat the 26th he was happy healthy was a bit apprehensive. Because he didn't want to leave nicole but he did the same and kenneled up and we were off. He was delivered on sun the 27th. During the time he was with steve and myself we both walked, watered, fed Gave treats even hand fed him shredded chicken (it was chicken breast Saturday) we had no trouble at all with him . He was a good boy while with us and even when transferred no problems I am told that our pics are the last known ones of him thats tragic. I will never understand why they did not reach out to the group who sent and tried something else. Before choosing to kill this dog. I am so sorry Max that you were failed and not even given a chance. To be killed 12 days after arriving is heartwrenching he needed time to adjust in that weekend he left nicole who as far as he was concerned was his family then went on transport with new dogs and smells and people uncertain of what was happening. And then handed over to another group of strangers.. we won't know what it was like for him .but I can say that while in the care of steve and myself we spoiled him and doted on him as we do all our furbabes. It may have been the last time that that was done. And so this boy who was set to start a new life with all the possibilities a dog could hope for was instead led away down a hall and had his life taken away and nobody knew. But we know now. So please. Everyone light candle tonight for max as I have done we may have not known before but we do now and so he deserves that much at the very least to know that there were people who did care and did love him. Please leave a kind word here for everyone who loved and tried hard to help max. They are grieving as well" From Monica Rolan's facebook 

Storm Rescue also dumped this dog at ac to be killed: That is there post and pictures next thing she's vicious and dropped at ac for euth he claimed with Bev aarfs permission she denied it