Sunday, October 16, 2016

Gentle Hands Rescue and Rehabilitation by Kristina Bludau

Gentle Hands Rescue and Rehabilitation in Wisconsin ran by KristinaBludau
People have been trying to warn people about them for sometime now as she smelled a rat. They pulled a paralyzed dog from San Antonio and then dumped her with the foster who returned her to the rescue and now they pulled poor Rocko who is deaf and blind and dumped him at a terrible vet who was going to euthanize him. While a legit rescue has stepped into try to save Rocko he still isn't even eating.   How she could board a sick senior at a vet's office but not provide vet care is animal cruelty in itself...let's not forget she also transported in box truck.

She has other dogs still stuck in boarding.  After rescue people hounded her, she finally got 9 of them out but refused paid transport help that was offered cause she knew no legit transport would transport dogs in that condition. She had them transported from Texas to Wisconsin in the back of a moving truck.  This method of transporting dogs is illegal and unsafe per the USDA.  More info to come including names of others involved.  DO NOT let her pull anymore dogs.